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The New Honeymoon: Glamping

Newlyweds are among the throng of vacationers embracing a rising trend in romantic getaways: Glamping. Glamping is the term coined for glamorous camping, which, as it turns out, is more than just a euphemism for flush ...

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The Sticky Business of a Cash Wedding Gift

The Internet is chock-full of articles and comments about giving cash as a wedding gift. While monetary gifts are nothing new, the controversy seems to hover around the manner in which cash is presented as an option. O ...

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Creative Ways to Disperse One’s Ashes

The steady rise in the popularity of cremation may be due to a number of factors. As an alternative to a traditional internment with a casket and a cemetery plot, cremation may prove to be far more affordable. There is ...

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Man-Made Reef Attracts Sea Life With Cremated Ashes

Something fishy is going on off the coast of Dorset, England, and the locals could not be happier about it. The county counsel approved a proposal to construct a series of artificial offshore reefs on an area of seabed c ...

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Widening a Child’s Circle With a Naming Ceremony

The Greek root of the word baptism means to identify with or to be made one with. Since human history has been recorded, variations of the ritual have existed for many different cultures in many different forms. The ...

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Tips for a Beautiful, Bountiful Fall Wedding

Fall is a time of transformation, when we reap the rewards of the warm seasons and prepare for the times ahead. It is a spectacular season for coming together with family and friends to celebrate the wedding of two peo ...

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Ways to Honor Your Inner Nerd at Your Wedding

Fairytale weddings are all well and good, but nothing beats a science fiction theme to really tell the world of your depth and commitment to one another. Sure, Halloween comes around every year, but there may be only o ...

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Chinese Couples Choose Paris and London for Wedding Shoots

Paris is sealing its reputation as the city of love for young, wealthy Chinese brides and grooms. Couples are flocking to Paris to have their wedding pictures taken at the Eiffel Tower and along the banks of the Seine. ...

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Poshest Places to Be Buried in the U.S.

They may not be able to take it with them, but many people are choosing burial locations that leave enough behind to remember them by. America's wealthy are buying up some of the country's most prized real estate in or ...

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A Survey of 19th Century Marriage

Anton Johann Gross-Hoffinger was a German doctor and author of the 1847 publication, "The Fate of Women and Prostitution." As part of his research for the book, the good doctor conducted a survey of 100 married couples ...

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