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Decorating with wedding flowersGiving your ceremony space a unique look and feel is part of the joy of wedding planning. However, it's perfectly understandable if you need a little extra help in deciding what to include for your special day. With so many possible choices of blooms and colors, you might have a hard time making up your mind. A handy guide to ceremonial space decorations could be helpful as you’re deliberating about what flowers and arrangements to use in your house of worship, wedding chapel or other ceremonial location.

Draw Attention to Ceremonial Focal Points

Most couples-to-be usually recite their vows in the front area of their venue. However, some imaginative types may decide to fashion their space to instead feature a central ceremonial area surrounded by seating on all sides. Either way, floral arrangements in one of those central focal areas should reflect your wedding’s theme as well as complement your venue.

The structures in this part of your space will dictate what sort of arrangements you need. If there’s an altar in that location, you may select pieces that will sit either on top of it or on either side. For a chuppah, canopy or arch, flowers can be draped on top or fashioned into garlands that affix to or wind around the sides. If you plan to have a unity candle in your ceremony, your florist can craft an artful setup that fits your colors and scheme. Candelabras can have their own floral decorations, and you may opt to incorporate pillars to hold some additional arrangements in the front of your venue.

Aisle Decorations Add Pizzazz

For a more unified aesthetic effect, you may wish to have flowers placed along the seating areas that flank the aisles in your ceremonial space. Usually, each one is comprised of a bunch of blooms and greenery secured with a stylized ribbon. These decorations are typically affixed to the edge of a pew or the last chair in each row by another ribbon, as opposed to using adhesive items like tape or wire that may scratch wood and metal surfaces. Additionally, you could drape garlands or swags of tulle between rows or pews to complement your floral seating adornments. This will help prevent guests from accidentally crossing into walkways by which you or your wedding party will enter the space.

Greet Your Guests With Splashes of Color

Flowers placed in the lobby area of your venue are a wonderful way to welcome your guests. They also give them an idea of what’s to come in terms of your décor and provide wonderful opportunities for you or your florist to exercise some creative license. While standard options usually include arrangements for the table that holds your guest book, you can also add some placed upon pillars in strategic areas. Another great idea is to affix an archway of flowers or greenery near the entryway of your ceremonial space. It can serve to unite the aesthetics between your spaces, as well as a transitional piece of decoration. Other possibilities include pomanders, which are spherically shaped bouquets that can be hung from ceilings, placed in candleholders or dangled from the branches of nearby trees if you’re saying “I do” in an outdoor location.

Use Your Wedding Flowers to Add a Personal Touch

Your wedding is a distinctive reflection of you and your beloved. Every element that you plan, including the flowers, can be used to craft a cohesive effect as well as express your aesthetic sensibilities. It is wise to coordinate colors, themes and bloom choices between your ceremonial and entry areas, but individual arrangements give you plenty of options for variety and creativity in your venue.


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