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Tips to Officiate a Wedding

Officiating a wedding may seem overwhelming, but it can be a fun experience. Many people get nervous at the idea of public speaking. Because of this, it is avoided by a lot of people. However, when you have been asked ...

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Knowing You Are Ready for Baptism

Getting baptized is not a decision that should be taken lightly. Making a religious decision on baptism is important, and it is a choice that shouldn't be taken lightly. Perhaps you were baptized as a child but feel b ...

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Common Maid of Honor Duties

Being someone's maid of honor is a big task. Whether it's your sister, best friend, cousin, or other special person in your life getting married, the role of maid of honor is both an honor and a responsibility. There ...

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Ways to Save Money on Your Honeymoon

Honeymoons can be pricey. However, there are some easy ways to cut costs. While you are likely excited to get married to the love of your life, you may also be feeling a bit stressed out. After all, wedding planning t ...

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Overcoming a Loved One’s Suicide

Talking to someone about can help you heal and move on more quickly. Experiencing the death of a loved one comes with unimaginable pain. This pain is often multiplied when the loved one chose to take his or her own li ...

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How to Plan a Baptism Party

While a baptism party may seem overwhelming, it's a lot simpler than you think. When the time has come for your baby's baptism, you probably are planning on throwing a party. It's a fun time, but you might be worried ...

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Ways to Save Money for Your Funeral

Funerals aren't cheap, so it's best not to be caught off-guard. It's something no one wants to think about, but one day, all of us are going to die. While some will die unexpectedly at a young age, most of us will liv ...

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Tips for Tricky Family Situations on Your Wedding Day

You want to avoid any unnecessary drama on the big day. Your wedding day is a day when nearly everyone you and your spouse know are going to come together and watch the two of you get married. This thought is exciting ...

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Common Causes of Cold Feet Before Your Wedding Day

Getting cold feet is not uncommon. Getting married is one of the biggest decisions of your life. Even though it's exciting to get married to the love of your life and commit to staying together for the rest of your li ...

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Should Your Friend Officiate Your Wedding?

Having your friend officiate your wedding may seem like a perfect plan, but there are some things that should be considered. While it can be a great way to include your best friend in the most important day of your life, ...

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