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DJ playing at a weddingMusic can set the tone for your wedding reception, so it’s wise to use discretion when selecting a DJ. However, you might have some trouble deciding who to hire. A few helpful tips should guide you as you search for the best professional for your affair. Besides doing your homework, considering the desired “look and feel” of your event will give you some idea of the type of person you and your future spouse should select.

Think About the Desired Tone for Your Reception

Chances are, you and your intended already have some thoughts about the kind of reception you want. You’ve maybe chatted a bit about what sort of music you’d like to hear and what activities you’ll be including. If not, now is the time to brainstorm. Collaborate on your plan, ensuring that it reflects a unified vision in its tone and atmosphere. Also, jot down your list of ideas to have handy when you’re interviewing DJs later.

Try Word-of-Mouth for Recommendations

People talk. You’ll hear a lot about a professional who provided great service, or about someone who didn’t make the grade. That’s why it’s a good idea to obtain recommendations for a DJ from friends, relatives or coworkers. Try talking to the recently wedded first to get some ideas. This is a good way to can compile a list with a decent number of referrals.

Check Out Their Websites

Once you’ve got your referral list, now’s the time to take to the web and start vetting your prospects. Each DJ’s website should give you a good idea of the style of events and clientele with which he or she works best. Keep in mind the concepts you both came up with while brainstorming, because you’ll be using these to decide which DJs should make your final list of candidates. Also, pay attention to any videos you find online of their work. Clips of their events might be available on their own websites or video sharing services.

Interview Prospective Candidates

Your next step is to talk to the group of professionals you’ve narrowed down from earlier. Make appointments to see each one, and ensure that both you and your future spouse are available to attend. Additionally, craft a list of questions for your prospective DJs. You’ll want to find out some important details, such as the kinds of events they work, whether they’re full-time professionals and how they handle song requests. At the same time, it’s also prudent to know each person’s style, so ask questions about how he or she interacts with guests. Finally, ask to watch or listen to any video or audio mixing. Seeing a professional in action should give you a solid idea of whether you want to choose him or her for your event or not.

Time for the Contract

After the interviews, you and your sweetie should talk. Deciding on a vendor to hire is a big decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Once you have an agreement, contact the lucky DJ and arrange for a contract signing. Carefully review the details and make sure you understand everything before putting your signatures on the dotted line.

Looking Forward to Your Big Day

Choosing your reception music can be a very exciting part of your planning. You want the right DJ to create the mood you have in mind, so an extensive selection process is in order. Making a list of your ideas and getting recommendations from others are a good start. Next, interview prospective DJs to judge who might be a good fit. Finally, review any contracts thoroughly before you sign. Following these steps should assist you in selecting the perfect DJ for your affair.


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