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Shopping for a wedding while transgenderSo…you’re getting married. That’s awesome! You have a lot to be joyous about, but you’re also going to have more stress. Why? Because besides working out how you and your future spouse will build a life together, you’ve got a wedding to plan! And if you’re transgender, one of your biggest concerns might be how to find wedding attire. Thankfully, a few guidelines should help you navigate the process and make it easier to obtain what you want for your big day.

Consider Your Potential Bodily Changes

Many couples-to-be begin planning their nuptials anywhere between 12 and 14 months in advance. A lot can change during that time, including the size and shape of your own body. This is especially true if you plan on starting hormone therapy of any kind. If you’re pursuing estrogen, or estrogen in addition to anti-androgens or another hormonal mix, you could be looking at developments such as breast growth or shifts in muscle mass and body fat distribution. If you’re on testosterone, you’ll likely see increased muscle mass, changes in body fat patterns and possible overall weight gain.

You’ll need to think about how these developments could affect your clothing sizes and plan according as you shop for wedding attire. Transgender women on hormones or anyone who’s on feminizing hormone therapy may want to plan for increases in chest and hip measurements and potential drops in waist size. And transgender men or non-binary individuals on testosterone may want to plan for possible increases in trouser, jacket and even dress shirt sizing.

If you’ve been contemplating any sort of gender confirming surgeries, consider having these procedures completed well in advance of the wedding or waiting until after the honeymoon to get them done. You’ll need to allow plenty of healing time for your tissues to settle into shape before shopping for attire. Certain surgeries, such as masculinizing top surgery or breast augmentation, will drastically alter your body’s shape. And any kind of “bottom” surgery will require a significant amount of healing, and you don’t need the added stress of trying to plan a wedding at the same time.

Locate Trans-Friendly Vendors

You might have anxieties around finding and purchasing clothing, and that’s certainly understandable. To ensure that you not only have a good experience but that you find items that fit, it’s wise to shop for your attire in person. This is where finding a transgender-friendly formalwear shop will make your life much easier. Start by checking your local listing of LGBTQ-friendly businesses for vendors, or consider hiring an LBGTQ-friendly wedding planner for assistance. Once you get some leads, it also doesn’t hurt to call ahead of time and chat with management to confirm that their staff members are willing and prepared to work with you.

Once you’ve found a vendor from which you’ll purchase attire, make them aware of any possible body changes you anticipate prior to the wedding. Their professionals should be able to help plan accordingly, and advise you in ordering clothing that can be properly fitted in advance of your special day. Your vendor should have a recommended schedule that they follow for fittings and alterations, so be sure to observe it so that your dress, suit, shirt or other items fit properly.

Plan Ahead for Your Dream Day

As a transgender person, you’ll have some additional challenges finding wedding attire. However, while not insurmountable they do require you to plan carefully to find what you need. It’s a good idea to anticipate and be cognizant of any possible hormone-induced body changes when shopping. Also, finding a trans-friendly formalwear vendor will make your shopping easier. Being prepared and shopping wisely will help you find what you desire.


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