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Baptism GiftThe baptism of a child can be a big deal for many families. If you have someone close to you who is planning a baptism in the near future, you might want to start thinking about what you’re going to get for the little one. There are several ways to go about the process of selecting the ideal gift. First, consider your involvement in the process. If you’ve been asked to be a godparent, for example, then your gift should have a bit more thought behind it. Attending the baptism of your coworker’s grandchild, however, doesn’t merit the same thoughtfulness.

To get yourself inspired for the gift you plan on giving, take a look at a few of these fun ideas. Use these examples as a springboard to discover the perfect fit for your needs.

The Cute Route

A baptism offers several unique avenues for gifts. Since it is a religious ceremony, you can decide to get something symbolic or sacred. Similarly, since a baby is involved, you have plenty of opportunities for adorable presents. Traveling the cute route means you are able to find something sweet and significant that both child and parent will appreciate. Stuffed animals and other toys can be a great idea. Consider buying a teddy bear wearing the same baptismal outfit as the baby. You’re sure to get a lot of “awws” when you opt for something that adorable.

You can also choose to purchase clothing for the little one. Parents always appreciate when they receive clothes as a gift. Children grow up fast, and this means they shift from one size to the next at pretty quick speeds. Find something in fashion that is just a bit bigger than the child’s current size and you’ll be giving the perfect gift to the little one and to the parents.

Something More Meaningful

You are also able to go down a more meaningful path with your gift. This event marks a very important moment in the life of the child. After the baptism, the little one will always be a child of the Lord. Due to the weight of the ritual, you might want to find a gift that will help to perfectly capture the tone of the moment. A customized Bible might be exactly what you’re looking for. Consider having the name of the child engraved on a small bookplate and it will add a perfect touch to the gift.

If you are very close to the parents, then you might want to think about a sentimental gift. Depending on what you get, the child might cherish the item for the rest of his or her life. Many people own items given to them as babies, and have profound memories of the individual who gave the gift thanks to its presence. There is no telling if you will be around to see the child grow, and a piece of jewelry or book of photos can create a lasting impression as a gift. 

Help With the Event

You can also think about helping to pay for the event. After a baptism, many families go out to lunch with the group. This can prove to be expensive, especially if you are a part of a large family. If you are very close to the parents, then you might want to consider assisting with the costs of the lunch. Obviously, this is only a gift to consider if it is within your price range and if you are not imposing by asking. Helping with financial burdens can do wonders for a family.

There are several ways to go about buying a gift for a baptism. Consider the ideas listed here and see if any suit your needs. Once you have come up with the ideal gift, you will be ready to participate in a sweet and meaningful ceremony.

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