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Visit Get Ordained™ and Join the Fight for Marriage Equality

New Steps Taken Toward Marriage Equality Gay marriage in the United States has been an ongoing religious and political debate. Recently, New Jersey, Illinois, and Hawaii have all legalized gay marriage in recent weeks g ...

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Using Get Ordained™ for Wedding Season

Wedding season approaches, which means the time to become a minister on Get Ordained™ is now. Many couples prefer the personal aspect of having a friend who has been ordained perform their ceremony rather than a mi ...

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Marriage Equality Supporters Should Become Ordained Online

Using Get Ordained™ and Perform Same Sex Weddings This is an exciting time for the proponents of marriage equality. The most notable recent development in the fight for the nationwide legalization of same sex marr ...

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How Do I Become Ordained as a Hindu Pujari?

Hinduism is the third largest religion in the world, following Christianity and Islam. It encompasses a diverse collection of deities, beliefs, and practices; the various branches of Hinduism subsequently have vastly dif ...

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Where Should I Become Ordained? A Guide to the Universal Life Churches

Become Ordained Online through the Universal Life Church Did you know that it takes three or more years and tens of thousands of dollars in tuition alone to become ordained through a Baptist, Catholic, Lutheran, or some ...

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Become Ordained to Perform Same Sex Weddings

Same Sex Weddings Now Legal in Nine States Nov. 6, 2012 witnessed four major victories in the fight for complete marriage equality in the United States. The first of these victories came when Minnesota voters defeate ...

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How Do I Become Ordained as an Imam?

Similar to many other religious traditions, the path to becoming an imam is incredibly varied, as Islam covers a wide variety of denominations, sects, cultures, and geographical locations. First, it is helpful to clarify ...

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How Do I Become Ordained as a Rabbi?

Judaism is one of the oldest religions still in existence. As such, it has many historical traditions and beliefs about the ways in which their religious leaders, rabbis, become ordained. There are three main denominatio ...

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Why You Should Become Ordained Online: An Objective Argument

You Get the Same Legal Privileges Regardless of Where You Get Your Ordination Before you proceed in this article, name all of the services that Christian religious leaders like Catholic priests, Lutheran ministers, an ...

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Announcing the “How Do I Get Ordained” Series

About the "How Do I Get Ordained" Series     The Universal Life Church staff recognizes that your presence on may be due more to your interest in the process of ordination than in the ULC i ...

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