Happy Travel AgentHoneymoons can be anything from local staycation adventures to epic journeys abroad, but planning one can take almost as much work as arranging a wedding. Just as wedding planners wrangle all your event details from start to finish, travel agents can serve as an indispensable part of crafting and booking your dream getaway. If you’re deliberating whether to enlist an agent to help with your honeymoon, read on.

How Can a Travel Agent Help?

Huffington Post contributor Sally Black reveals that there are many misconceptions about a travel agent’s work. Some people are surprised to learn that these professionals still exist. Yet, contrary to popular belief, online travel resources and booking services have not made travel agents obsolete. An October 2016 US News piece explains that the demand for agents is steady, with 92 percent of leisure travelers divulging in a 2015 survey that they used an agent to book their last vacation and would rely on one’s assistance again for arranging future trips.

Why do travel agents remain popular? Their core services include booking reservations for lodging, transport, entertainment, and other amenities. However, these professionals also match potential vacationers with destinations and itineraries that align with their interests. US News writer Liz Weiss adds that agents also have insider knowledge and connections that give them access to unique deals, and in some cases, they can beat out the prices that travelers may encounter with internet deals and specials.

Moreover, agents also provide specific recommendations to their clients, steer them toward the best experiences, and offer customer service and problem resolution should anything go wrong with their trips. They also help their clients avoid potentially problematic vendors and scams while saving them time that they would have otherwise spent researching destinations and providers.

Benefits of Using an Agent  

The specialized services that travel agents provide are also some of the key benefits they offer for booking honeymoons. In an April 2017 Brides article, writer Jaimie Mackey echoes these reasons and mentions a few additional ones:

  • Full service from start to finish
  • Unique and personalized itineraries
  • Included bonus gifts and amenities
  • Effectively planning trips within a budget

Besides these advantages, agents can bring other perks to the table when arranging your getaway. In her Huffington Post piece, Sally Black points out that an agent may be able to save you additional money on your trip by applying later sales and promotional discounts, even if you’ve already booked and paid your deposit. Furthermore, you may be able to fund your honeymoon through an installment plan and avoid raking up interest on your credit cards. Keep in mind that any final balances will usually be due between 45 and 60 days before your departure date.

Finding the Right Professional

In her Brides article, Mackey offers some helpful advice as you search for a travel agent. Look for one who specializes in honeymoons as well as the types of destinations you’d like. Mackey adds that a good agent will get to know you, asking some detailed questions about your preferences and goals for the trip. At the same time, you should also inquire about each agent’s process and the specific services that he or she provides. Travel + Leisure contributor Christopher Tkaczyk reminds readers that they need to have a ballpark budget in mind as well as a maximum cost per day figure before consulting an agent.

Traveling for your honeymoon can be an adventure. At the same time, the right travel agent can help you make it a wonderful and memorable one. Travel agents’ services can save you time and money while their expertise helps you pick destinations and activities that fit your desires and make it the trip of a lifetime.



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