How to Plan a Second Wedding

In many ways, a second wedding may be a wonderful opportunity to design a ceremony and celebration that honors the intimacy of the event. Oftentimes a first wedding encompasses a wider circle of family, friends and celeb ...

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Civil Wedding Ceremony Blessings

Civil Wedding There is no need to think of a civil wedding ceremony as a dry, colorless event. Rather, it may be just as joyous a scenario as a wedding in any other religious or traditional circumstance. The essential ...

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How to do a Wedding Ceremony Reading

Whether you are a couple's choice for the officiant at their wedding, or they just want you to read a favorite passage or piece at the ceremony, it is an honor to be asked to participate. There is no doubt you feel honor ...

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Alternative Wedding Ceremony

Alternative Wedding People have been proclaiming their commitment to one another through wedding ceremonies of one form or another for centuries. Traditional services have meant different things in different times. Ma ...

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Challenges of an Interfaith Ceremony

In the age of globalization, a rise in the number of marriages between people of different cultural origins should come as no surprise. As a wedding officiant, you can play a significant part in helping people to blend t ...

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How to Perform an Interfaith Wedding

Weddings are most often cause for joy, but sometimes parents have trouble with the idea of an interfaith union. They may be upset or distressed for a variety of reasons. In a fast-changing world, some people may view the ...

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How to Officiate a Wedding

Being asked to perform a friend's wedding can be daunting. Our church is contact by dozens of individuals every month seeking guidance on how to officiate a wedding. Furthermore, these people don't just want to officiate ...

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Yikes! I’ve Been Asked to Perform a Wedding!

Here is the scene: Your two best friends, who never do anything like anyone else, have surprised everyone by deciding to get married. And why not, now that they can? Of course, it will be a wedding like no other, and the ...

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How to Fill out a Marriage License

]A couple has asked you to perform their wedding ceremony. You are honored, and take the necessary steps in order to become an officiant by becoming an ordained American marriage minister. The ceremony is planned, a loca ...

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Marriage Finances Guide

Marriage Finances and Money Personalities Along with their other personality traits, newlyweds come pre-wired with views and behaviors toward money. Because of temperament, the way they were raised, and/or situations th ...

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