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Save Money at Your WeddingBelieve it or not, there are plenty of couples out there who dream of a simple wedding celebration surrounded by their friends and loved ones. Not every bride says yes to the dress, or if she does, it is one that is off the rack and at a deep discount. In honor of those prospective celebrants who are not likely to model their behavior off of a radioactive Japanese lizard, here are a few tips for cutting the excess and keeping the joy in your nuptials.

Start at the Beginning: Invitations

There are so many places to cut costs on invitations and responses without losing the spirit of the thing. As gorgeous as ecru linen stationary may be, you are more likely to receive timely and accurate RSVPs from a digital invite. Some benefits of going the digital route include:

  • The opportunity to customize a beautiful invitation on the cheap, through a website dedicated to the job
  • Save significantly on postage
  • Avoid the faux pas of putting the wrong (not enough) postage on oversized response cards

Barter With the Vendors

While we are still on the Internet, consider writing an online testimonial or a blog post praising the services and/or products of one of the vendors in exchange for a discount. It has been known to happen, and it is worth a try.

Keep It in the Family

Save money on the officiant and ask a friend or your sister or brother to do it. All it takes is a few minutes online and a dear one may be ordained and ready to perform your wedding ceremony for free. You could always return the favor someday.

Skip the Printing Altogether

Instead of programs, ask a friend with lovely handwriting to write the wedding program on a chalkboard, or if you are feeling really artsy and trendy, a large mirror. Then, set it up wherever people may be entering the celebration.

Stand Up and Be Married

Rental chairs cost a fortune. Skip the ceremony seating and get everybody on their feet for your big moment. A stand up wedding may keep everyone on their toes and engaged in the ritual. Of course, have a few chairs on hand for Grandma and Uncle Herb.

Explore Your Local Resources

Is there a local cosmetology school that has a student or two who does great work? You may be able to get a deal for a bridal party wedding day makeup session. How about a music school? There may be some students or teachers who would be happy to play your wedding for a modest fee.

Fun With Food

No one ever decreed that a reception meal needed to be a salad, two entrée choices and a bread basket. Make it a potluck, or ask a caterer about doing a family style meal. A Mexican-style buffet or a Midwestern hot dish table would be memorable and fun for everyone. While you are at it, rethink the expensive cake and opt for a dessert buffet. Go really crazy and have a pie bake off with the bakers in your group a few days before and serve the delicious results. What is the ultimate in money saving whimsy? A breakfast wedding! Exchange vows and head to a reception of mimosas and pancakes.

Do Not Stress the Excess

Whatever decisions you and your betrothed may make regarding your wedding celebration, the number one rule is to stay within an agreed upon budget. It does not have to be Draconian, and it might even force enough creativity to make it fun. The important thing is to remember the spirit of the thing yourself, and retain the energy and peace of mind to enjoy each other and your loved ones on the big day.

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