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Unexpected ThingsNot every wedding is a state event, but even a small, simple ceremony takes a little planning. To be sure, not everything has to be perfect. Imperfections may often make the day memorable. Still, there are situations that may catch you by surprise in your wedding journey that are not quite so charming. There are other little things that may cause you to think, Hmm, I wish I had known that.

Rain, Rain Go Away

A wedding in the rain may be a gloriously romantic event. More likely, though, rain could put a damper on your outdoor wedding scenario if you did not arrange for a Rain Plan. Unless the place where you are exchanging vows has weather that is unfailingly predictable, it is a good idea to have a plan B, even if that means someone has stashed tarps in the car. You may not be able to control the weather, but you may be able to formulate an educated guess:

  • If the event is out of town, get the long range forecasts online.
  • Check records for the historical weather reports history may indeed repeat itself.

I Thought You Brought Her

Transportation may be one of those details that manages to slip through the cracks. Perhaps a friend may volunteer to coordinate who rides with whom. It is a good idea to make sure that the drivers are actually familiar with where the event is and how to get there. Sure, just about everyone has directions on their phone, but it would not hurt to provide a map, if needed.

Double Check the Officiant's Credentials

This is not a question of being suspicious. You just want to make certain that your officiant is official and that the paperwork is in place. If your go-to person had the foresight to use Get Ordained's online ordination services, the website would have been chock full of useful information and tips about ceremonies and protocol. Sometimes state or local offices have specific requirements. These are good things to know in advance.


The nature of event photography has undergone many changes. In many ways it is much more democratic than the old days, as just about everyone has a decent camera right in their phone. Casual pictures are great at weddings, but many couples still appreciate the value of a few well-organized shots of professional quality. Here are a few things to consider:

  • If you are outside or have access to a nice location facing west, know what time the sun sets, or ask your photographer to know. Sunset pictures are romantic and lovely.
  • Ask a member of the party to be the photo round-up person. This entails rounding up family members and loved ones for those photo album quality group shots.

Consider the Crab Cakes

Food sensitivities and allergies may take the fun out of any event for the person who has them. This is one of those issues that may be handled well in advance online, and another great excuse for the wedding website. The wedding website may announce your engagement, send out a save the date message, accept RSVPs, and yes, request that people submit their food sensitivities. The caterer then has that valuable information well in advance and may plan accordingly so someone does not wind up eating just the sugared almonds for dinner.

Que Sera, Sera

When all is said and done, you and your partner will have started on your path together as a married couple. Whether the celebration goes off without a hitch or whether it is one mishap after another, you will have constructed the first of many stories about your life together. The entire experience may be a lovely microcosm and metaphor for married life. You plan, you try your best, and whatever happens you end the day holding each other's hand.

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