IKEA Offers Virtual Wedding Service"Brollop Online," the recent cyber offering from Swedish furniture company IKEA, sticks to the company's mission of furnishing the spaces in which we live in ways that are "neither expensive nor complicated." This time, however, the space is not an actual room but a virtual wedding venue. The company has produced a promotional video, in Swedish with English subtitles, that touts the cyber celebration as a way to bring far-flung friends and family together for the big moment.

Come as You Are

Just as it would be at an in-person service, an arrangement of signature sleek and simple chairs are set before a ceremonial altar where the happy couple may exchange vows. When a guest accepts the invitation, an image of their face is superimposed on a well-dressed avatar. The IKEA video shows wedding invitees at home in front of their computers wearing suits, but one of the potential advantages to the virtual wedding may be the ability to attend the service in your sweatpants, with no one the wiser. Of course, this may be true for brides and grooms as well. Substantial savings may be applied toward the honeymoon or a new couch without the necessity to rent a tux or say yes to the dress. At a virtual service, your best accessory may be your smile.

How It Works

Just like the home furnishings, an IKEA virtual wedding practically puts itself together. A couple may get started with the planning by logging onto Facebook through the company website. From there, they will be prompted to:

  • Choose a location
  • Select a date and time
  • Send out a guest list

Attendees are provided with a URL by which they may access the event in real time, and participate with the help of their computer's webcam and microphone.

Create Your Own Destination Celebration

The company provides a selection of themes and settings for the event. Each one presents a catalogue-perfect version of an ideal romantic venue. A couple may celebrate their union on a rustic farm surrounded by a scattering of wild flowers. Or they may enjoy a light breeze off the ocean as they dance barefoot at sunset on the beach. Other selections are a picturesque fishing boat, an enchanted forest, or a pristine white hall filled with balloons.

The Real Deal

While one may be tempted to pretend to get married at Brollop Online just for fun (maybe several times), the service is being promoted as a viable alternative to on-site events. There are couple of official requirements to make the ceremony legitimate. There must be an officiant present to perform the service, and at least two witnesses in the actual room with the couple getting married. The experience may be like more traditional events in other ways, too. Once the wedding begins, celebrants may enjoy the venue for six hours before they have to say farewell. For all its commitment to creating a real happening, the company encourages people to visit the service who may not be quite ready to tie the knot. The beautifully appointed virtual locations are, of course, furnished entirely from IKEA products. They may provide inspiration for couples more interested in an in-person experience.

Social Media Gathering

The Facebook connection allows guests to respond to unfolding events instantaneously with comments and postings. The promotional video plays up the emotional impact of having friends and family from all over the world able to attend a momentous event. It is presented as a way to have everyone in a couple's life share their fantasy wedding without the expense and complexities of an actual destination wedding. While some may view a cyber-service as singularly unromantic, others may gravitate toward what they see as the inclusivity of such an event. Plus, the savings from a virtual wedding can buy a lot of meatballs and bookshelves.

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