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The Lure of a Watery Wedding off the Gulf Coast

A non-profit organization seeks to capitalize on the enduring popularity of coastal weddings in Alabama by offering the chance to say "I do" underwater. Adventurous couples may soon be able to exchange vows 38 feet bel ...

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How to Make Your Wedding a Party You Would Go To

The difference between a fun and memorable wedding and a forced march through overblown tradition is that at the former, the couple getting married actually has a good time. The secret, of course, is no secret: It's all ...

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Jewelry Ad Bucks Second Marriage Taboo in Indian Media

In a country that has historically and sometimes notoriously held onto customs that shun divorced and widowed women, one jewelry manufacturer and a single advertising campaign have taken a stand in support of second marr ...

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Include a Lost Loved One in Your Wedding Ceremony

Honoring the memory of a departed loved one is something many couples do on their wedding. Here are some ways to properly honor a missing family member without getting too overwhelmed emotionally.

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IKEA Offers Virtual Wedding Service

"Brollop Online," the recent cyber offering from Swedish furniture company IKEA, sticks to the company's mission of furnishing the spaces in which we live in ways that are "neither expensive nor complicated." This time, ...

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Wedding Halls Are Big Business in Afghanistan

The road to the airport in Kabul, Afghanistan, has been dubbed "Las Vegas" for its rows of neon-lit, mirror-walled wedding halls. Wedding receptions are big business in this country, as weddings themselves carry heavy cu ...

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How to Save Money at Your Wedding

Believe it or not, there are plenty of couples out there who dream of a simple wedding celebration surrounded by their friends and loved ones. Not every bride says yes to the dress, or if she does, it is one that is off ...

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Unexpected Things When Planning a Wedding

Not every wedding is a state event, but even a small, simple ceremony takes a little planning. To be sure, not everything has to be perfect. Imperfections may often make the day memorable. Still, there are situations tha ...

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The Return of the Lavish Hotel Wedding

Before the last economic crash, corporate travelers made up the lion's share of revenue for most major hotels around the Washington, D.C. area. Big hotel-based weddings had quietly gone the way of aspic and olive trays. ...

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International Wedding Traditions

Planning a wedding, even when you what you are after is a simple, intimate affair, may feel like a daunting task. At times it may seem like tradition is a grand weight hanging over your heads, supported by a piece of thi ...

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