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Make Your Wedding a PartyThe difference between a fun and memorable wedding and a forced march through overblown tradition is that at the former, the couple getting married actually has a good time. The secret, of course, is no secret: It's all in the planning. "Ha," you might say, "that's just where the trouble begins!" It's true that the immense stress of planning a wedding has undone many a bride and groom, but it doesn't have to be that way. You, too, can have a great time at your own party. Here are a few tips to smooth out that trip up the aisle.

Gather Your People

The advice is the same whether you hire a professional event planner or manage the whole shebang yourself: You'll need a team. Want to have time to do the fun stuff such as sample cake and try on extravagant wedding attire? The answer is to delegate! Do you have a friend or relative that is great with food? Ask them to help select a good caterer, and then coordinate with them as the big day nears. You and your partner may initially note menu preferences and the like, but the details can be handled by a willing someone other than you. The same goes for planning the floral arrangements, organizing formal wear rentals, lining up a selection of photographers, and other tasks. Of course, you will have a personal interest in all of the decisions, but if you have a good team, you will not need to micromanage the entire affair.

Remember the Budget is a Real Thing

So many couples suffer anxiety over the ultimate cost of their wedding. People with experience can tell you that while there will almost certainly be extra and last minute expenses, a reasonable and realistic budget can keep you above water. Better than that, when you stick to your wedding budget, you may confidently (and maybe a little smugly) enter into your marriage knowing that the two of you have been responsible and mature enough to begin your life together debt-free. Or close. Student loans do not count for the purpose of this argument. Owing thousands of dollars to the Fairytale Carriage Company does count. The really good news is, nearly every dream can be managed for less. This is the place to get creative, to contact your friends with special talents, and to shift your perspective of what may be perfect. Other ways to save:

  • Remember to negotiate with vendors, and ask about specials
  • Choose a date that avoids peak times and premium prices
  • Decide together what really needs to be there to make it special

Do the Big Stuff ASAP

Eliminate some stress as early as possible by securing a location right away. It is important, though, to wait until you know if the people you want to be there will be available. The venue itself may be a personal decision for you and your partner. After you find and book your ideal location, allow someone else to help organize accommodations and transportation for the out-of-towners.

Do What Feels Right

Make conscious decisions about how you will spend your time in the planning stage. If crowds stress you out, do not go with your aunties and eight cousins to the wedding expo at the convention center. Arrange to hire the music you and your partner like, whether it's a DJ who spins 80s dance music, or a local bluegrass band. This will be the soundtrack to a very special party, and it should be to your taste. Most importantly, however, when the Big Day arrives, let go and relax. The best party favor guests can receive is the opportunity to witness the joy in a couple's faces as they say, "Yes" to one another.

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