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Common Misconceptions About Your Wedding Budget

Your wedding day is one of the most important and special days of your life and most likely the day you spend the most time planning for. There are many things you have to think about, and the to-do list seems to never ...

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A $320 Wedding Followed By Years of Debt

By all accounts, it was a beautiful wedding. There was chicken and rice for 40 and a great local band. Guests dressed in their finery and celebrated the whole day through. At the end of a happy day, Kamala Rani of Bang ...

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What to Discuss Before the Wedding

For some people, one of the best things about planning a big event is that it is so fabulously distracting. The weeks before a wedding, for example, can get so jam-packed with activities and tasks that there is limited ...

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Modern Bridesmaid Etiquette - Be the Bride's Right Hand

There is more to being a good bridesmaid than simply showing up. It is a great honor to be asked to be a friend's or family member's bridesmaid and bear witness to the milestone of marriage. It is also a lot of work. ...

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Tips for a Beautiful, Bountiful Fall Wedding

Fall is a time of transformation, when we reap the rewards of the warm seasons and prepare for the times ahead. It is a spectacular season for coming together with family and friends to celebrate the wedding of two peo ...

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Include a Lost Loved One in Your Wedding Ceremony

Honoring the memory of a departed loved one is something many couples do on their wedding. Here are some ways to properly honor a missing family member without getting too overwhelmed emotionally.

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Getting Ordained for a Wedding

Online Ordination: The Fastest Way to Legally Wed If your best friend or beloved family member has asked you to preside over their ceremony, getting legally certified can be quick and stress-free. With today's technolog ...

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Visit Get Ordained™ and Join the Fight for Marriage Equality

New Steps Taken Toward Marriage Equality Gay marriage in the United States has been an ongoing religious and political debate. Recently, New Jersey, Illinois, and Hawaii have all legalized gay marriage in recent weeks g ...

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