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How to Make Your Wedding a Party You Would Go To

The difference between a fun and memorable wedding and a forced march through overblown tradition is that at the former, the couple getting married actually has a good time. The secret, of course, is no secret: It's all ...

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Negative Online Wedding Vendor Reviews: Defamation or Free Speech?

An upscale inn in upstate New York received a barrage of criticism recently for a policy that addressed online negative reviews posted by dissatisfied brides, grooms and their guests. In Hudson, New York, the Union Stree ...

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Wedding News Highlights: Princess Proposals, World Records and Going to the Dogs

Each wedding season offers up a number of newsworthy proposal and marriage-related items. It seems people show no lack of imagination when it comes to nuptials even pretend ones. The following are a few events chosen fro ...

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Jewelry Ad Bucks Second Marriage Taboo in Indian Media

In a country that has historically and sometimes notoriously held onto customs that shun divorced and widowed women, one jewelry manufacturer and a single advertising campaign have taken a stand in support of second marr ...

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How to Have a Feminist Wedding

When it comes to planning a wedding, what's a self-identifying feminist to do? As beautiful as a traditional ceremony may be, there are some possible landmines for women and men who want everyone sitting on the same tier ...

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More Women Pursuing Careers in the Funeral Industry

According to the National Funeral Directors Association, in 2010, 57 percent of mortuary school graduates in the United States were women, up 60 percent since 1995. Despite the increase in numbers, however, women face ch ...

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How to Rein In the Wedding Guest List

It is only natural that many couples wish to share their joy with as many people as possible on their wedding day. The reality is, this can become a very expensive proposition. Guest lists have a way of running away from ...

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Church of England Weighing Baptisms for Transgendered Individuals

According to The Guardian, officials in the Church of England are being made aware of a desire by some transgendered people to be baptized in the church under the names with which they identify. Most often these are new ...

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Five Alternative Funeral Options

Not too long ago, cremation was still considered an alternative means of caring for a loved one's body after death. In recent decades, however, there has been an explosion of choice regarding how to manage one's remains. ...

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Include a Lost Loved One in Your Wedding Ceremony

A wedding is generally regarded as a joyous occasion. It is often a wonderful opportunity to bring the whole family together with close friends to witness and bless the start of a couple's new adventure. It is a time to ...

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