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Marriage Detective Agencies Are Big Business in India

An Indian wedding can be a lavish event, attended by thousands of family, friends, neighbors and acquaintances. The expense of hosting such a celebration is equally extravagant. It is a price tag many Indian families a ...

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Emerging Internet Venues For Expressing Grief

Eleven years ago, after her father and stepmother were murdered in their home in Sedona, Arizona, Gabrielle Birkner, 34, attended Safe Horizons in a Harlem basement. She was the youngest participant by at least a gener ...

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Funeral Revival: Bringing the Body of a Loved One Home

When a loved one dies in a hospital, most often the body is released to a funeral home for preparation for internment or cremation. In fact, a release form is necessary to have the body go anywhere but a funeral home. So ...

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Funeral Director Prepares Body of Terrorist

Many stories of suffering and survival emerged after the Boston Marathon bombings. Funeral director Peter Stefan's story revolves around his efforts to prepare and bury the body of Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the suspect killed i ...

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The Ethics and Etiquette of Social Media and Funerals

Most everyone has a story or recollection about the misuse of social media in a social situation. Incidents range from embarrassing selfies to inappropriate or even vengeful posts. As with much technology, social media s ...

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Making Way for Choice in Burials

The casket industry in the United States is said to be a 1.5 billion dollar industry, with a typical price tag for a steel coffin coming in at around $2,500. In past decades and until fairly recently, up to 90% of burial ...

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Finding the Words for a Funeral of a Suicide Victim

Funeral of a Suicide Victim Funerals may be emotionally difficult events under any circumstances, but a service for a suicide victim may present special challenges for everyone involved, from the mourners to the offic ...

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Lincoln’s Funeral Ride Home

The U.S. recently marked the 150-year anniversary of the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. CBS News covered the occasion with an essay focused on Lincoln's funeral train and the account of that long and emotion ...

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Pets Can Be Experts at Comforting People in Times of Grief

The poet Joseph Duemer writes, "There are some simple truths inside the world's complexity, and the dogs know what they are." Throughout history, people have declared their appreciation for their pets' undying loyalty an ...

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With This Joint Checking Account I Thee Wed…or Not.

In modern partnerships, money is at least as difficult a subject to talk about as sex, and maybe more difficult. Personal finances can be closely associated with security, identity and trust. The joint checking account u ...

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