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Ways to Give While Planning Your Wedding

Reality television may still like a good bridal tantrum, but in the actual world, many couples are finding ways to be more generous even while in the midst of organizing their big day. It may be seen in part as a respons ...

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Unexpected Things When Planning a Wedding

Not every wedding is a state event, but even a small, simple ceremony takes a little planning. To be sure, not everything has to be perfect. Imperfections may often make the day memorable. Still, there are situations tha ...

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Yikes! I’ve Been Asked to Perform a Wedding!

Here is the scene: Your two best friends, who never do anything like anyone else, have surprised everyone by deciding to get married. And why not, now that they can? Of course, it will be a wedding like no other, and the ...

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Brides Across America Helps Warrior Women Wed

Free Wedding Dresses for Deserving Servicewomen There are currently more than 200,000 women serving on active duty in the United States military. This accounts for nearly 15 percent of the troops. The branch that boasts ...

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Marriage Finances Guide

Marriage Finances and Money Personalities Along with their other personality traits, newlyweds come pre-wired with views and behaviors toward money. Because of temperament, the way they were raised, and/or situations th ...

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Weird Weddings

Saying, "I Do" to Weird Weddings When most people dream of their wedding day, they imagine a white dress, a picturesque location, and a delicious cake. For some, this means living out one of the happiest days of their l ...

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Perform a Fall Wedding With Your Universal Life Church Ordination

Pop quiz! What is the second most popular season for weddings? Here's a hint: it's not Summer, as warm weather and consistently sunny days make June, July, and August the most popular months for performing weddings. You ...

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