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How to Craft an Obituary

Crafting a loved one's obituary is something most of us will have to do at some point. Unfortunately, it never gets easy. However, you can ease the burden on yourself a bit by following these simple pointers.

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Journeying to Valhalla: Asatru Funerary Traditions

Many cultures from all over the world believe in an afterlife where the dead can go to rest. Some ancient Norse people hoped to find themselves in Valhalla, a realm where those deemed worthy resided with the all-father d ...

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Unique Funeral Ceremonies of Different Religions

Every single major religion throughout history has placed huge significance on dying and what comes after death. Whether a religion believes in an afterlife or reincarnation, each religion has guidelines for how to condu ...

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Death Doulas: Caring Approaches to End-of-Life Planning

Whether we’re facing the ends of our lives or we’re pondering our own mortality, it’s easy to feel vulnerable, uncertain, lost, or even afraid. Many people find that death isn’t an easy subject to ...

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Frequently Asked Questions About Planning a Funeral

Planning a funeral is not a fun task for anyone. Sorting through the emotions involved in losing a loved one can be difficult enough, and needing to plan a funeral on top of that can really complicate things. Still, it ...

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Getting Back to Normal Life After a Loss

Grieving the loss of a loved one is not an easy process. Losing someone close to you may be one of the hardest things you go through. The first few days are likely to be the hardest, as you go through the many emotions ...

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Living Funerals: A New Type of Send-Off

The commonly repeated axiom that funerals benefit the living more than the dead may have some truth to it, especially if you consider loved ones’ need for closure. Yet what if you hold a funeral for someone while h ...

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Buddhist Funerals 101: Grieving and Remembrance

Death is often regarded with equal parts curiosity, awe, and fear, so it’s not surprising that humans have developed complex belief systems and rituals to deal with it. Since it’s sometimes hard to tell wheth ...

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How to Officiate at a Funeral Service

A funeral service addresses what may be a universal need to say goodbye through ceremony. Most religions follow their own practices regarding services, but ceremonial differences may have as much to do with cultural ...

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Creative and Personal Alternatives to Traditional Funerals

Baby Boomers have led the way for countless emerging trends in many aspects of life for decades. It turns out, end-of-life issues pose no exception. Funerals and memorial services are being made more distinctive and indi ...

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