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The Bacon Minister

Two strangers meet on a subway or at a local coffee shop. They begin to fall in love and before they know it, a set of rings is exchanged and they are celebrating their commitment to each other. An important part of many ...

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Youngest Minister of Scotland

Many religious institutions have traditionally banned certain demographics of people from becoming ordained as priests or ministers. For instance, the Catholic Church does not allow women to become priests. In fact, many ...

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Will there be Female Bishops in England by the End of 2014?

While there are some developing countries that do not even ordain women as priests, there are other countries that have already begun ordaining them as bishops. Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the United States all r ...

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Marriage Equality Supporters Should Become Ordained Online

Using Get Ordained™ and Perform Same Sex Weddings This is an exciting time for the proponents of marriage equality. The most notable recent development in the fight for the nationwide legalization of same sex marr ...

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Why You Should Become Ordained Online: An Objective Argument

You Get the Same Legal Privileges Regardless of Where You Get Your Ordination Before you proceed in this article, name all of the services that Christian religious leaders like Catholic priests, Lutheran ministers, an ...

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ULC become ordained

Announcing the “How Do I Get Ordained” Series

About the "How Do I Get Ordained" Series     The Universal Life Church staff recognizes that your presence on may be due more to your interest in the process of ordination than in the ULC i ...

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Become Ordained as a Non Denominational Minister

Why You Should Become a Minister Using Get Ordained™ Any given layperson, or someone who is not a member of the clergy, must become ordained in order to be a minister. The world's religions view the ordination p ...

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How to Be a Minister

What it Means to Be a Minister The world's many faith traditions use a variety words to refer to their spiritual leaders, such as pastor, rabbi, priest, and imam. However, all of these positions can be described by th ...

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Be Ordained Through the Universal Life Church

What It Means To Be Ordained Be ordained through the ULC and be able to perform weddings, funerals, and baptismal ceremonies.* The ordination process has both spiritual and legal meanings that vary greatly from rel ...

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Use Get Ordained™ to Perform Weddings

Why You Should Use Get Ordained™ To Become a Minister You can officiate wedding ceremonies for friends and family or even complete strangers if you become ordained through Get Ordained™ and the ...

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