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kermit ms piggy wedding 3.28.14There is typically an element of uncertainty in any relationship as to whether a couple will ultimately end up together and get married. In some cases, the drama is more exhaustive than others; Kermit and Ms Piggy are one such example. Their relationship has been a work in progress since the 70's and has persevered through TV shows, video games, theme park appearances and many movies, including the recently released "Muppets Most Wanted." Here are some other Hollywood couples who have had their own turbulent relationships.

Carrie and Mr. Big

The relationship of "Sex and the City's" Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big held fans of the series captive for six seasons. Many hearts were broken along the way, including Carrie's several times; most famously when they were supposed to get married and Big left her standing at the altar in a Cinderella wedding gown. At the series' conclusion Mr. Big follows Carrie to Paris and convinces her to come back to New York so they can be together.

Carrie and Brody

Carrie and Brody from "Homeland" definitely have challenges in their relationship. In this popular Showtime series, she is a CIA officer with a bi-polar disorder and he is a Marine Corp sniper who was previously held captive by Al-Qaeda. There have certainly been cloak and dagger elements to Kermit and Ms Piggy's relationship, but the Homeland characters may have more riding on the outcome.

Olivia Pope and President Fitzgerald Grant

Even though "Scandal's" President Fitzgerald Grant is the most powerful man on the plant, he and Olivia Pope can't seem to make their relationship to work, no matter how hard they try. When evaluating relationships with challenges, one that involves a married president trying to have an extramarital affair with a former employee and trying to run the country at the same time is in a class by itself.

Ross and Rachel

No list of "on again off again" relationships would be complete without Rachel and Ross of "Friends." Their ups and downs were chronicled over 10 years of the hit TV show. In the last season, they finally get their happy ending; Rachel is on her way to Paris to start a new job and Ross convinces her he loves her and gets her to stay in New York.

There are many great relationship sagas; some are personal and private and others play out on the big screen, like the one between Kermit and Ms Piggy. No matter your preferences, it can sometimes be hard to predict which couples will get married and which ones will not.

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