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Online Ordination: The Fastest Way to Legally Wed

Minister performs wedding for young couple courtesy of Tony AlterIf your best friend or beloved family member has asked you to preside over their ceremony, getting legally certified can be quick and stress-free. With today's technology, there is no need for lengthy religious courses or costly certifications in order to have the official ability to marry. Luckily, with the power and ease of applying online, getting ordained for a wedding is faster and easier than ever.

Become Licensed to Wed in Minutes

Getting ordained online gives qualified individuals the ability to obtain all of the legal privileges of a qualified minister within minutes. While traditional religious clergymen must go through a vigorous training process, often costing thousands of dollars and spending years studying their theology, anyone may become legally able to perform a wedding ceremony almost instantly online.

No Religious Background Required for Online Ordination

One of the best aspects of online ordination through a non-religious organization is that these programs do not conflict with anyone's religious beliefs. Any individual of any faith, or no faith at all, can quickly become registered to officiate with a few clicks of the mouse. If your friend or family member is an unusual religion and would like for you to perform their wedding ceremony, getting ordained for a wedding online by a non-denominational site like the Universal Life Church is an excellent way to keep your convictions neutral.

Certification is Offered Absolutely Free

Becoming ordained online is not only extremely fast, it is also offered to men and women around the world completely free. No credit card information is required, and you will receive your confirmation of ordination within 10 minutes of submitting your online form.

Online ordination is the fastest, easiest, and most cost effective way to quickly obtain all of the legal abilities of a fully ordained minister. With all of the hassle removed from getting ordained for a wedding, you are able to properly focus on the important part of your job: planning a meaningful ceremony for your loved one.

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