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About the ULC Ordination Certificate

How Is the ULC Ordination Certificate Made? The Universal Life Church offers a beautiful, well-designed ordination certificate that is professionally-printed by a print shop near our headquarters in Seattle, WA. ...

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Use Get Ordained™ to Perform Weddings

Why You Should Use Get Ordained™ To Become a Minister You can officiate wedding ceremonies for friends and family or even complete strangers if you become ordained through Get Ordained™ and the ...

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History of the Universal Life Church

The Universal Life Church (ULC) is a modern, non-denominational church started by Kirby J. Hensley. This new approach to religion, first known as the "Life Church", began in 1959 in Modesto, California and has since come ...

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Free Online Ordination With Get Ordained™

Why You Should Become a Minister at Get Ordained™ Anyone from anywhere in the world can become a minister legally with Get Ordained™ to be a minister through the ULC We are all children of the same univer ...

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Can I Become a Minister using Get Ordained™?

In short: YES! Anyone can use Get Ordained™, as long as they are of age and have the ability to go online. Becoming ordained used to be a process that took a lot of hard work and many years of study in a theologica ...

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How Long Does It Take To Become a Minister with Get Ordained™?

It doesn't take long to use the Get Ordained™ services online through the Universal Life Church Monastery. Ordinary laypeople, or non-ordained persons, can become full-fledged ministers with all the legal priv ...

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