Cemeteries See a Rise in Cremations

American living and dying customs have changed considerably in the past 50 years. People move around more. They do not necessarily put down the kind of roots that used to support traditions such as burial in a family plo ...

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An Alternative to Traditional Burials

The ground has been shifting in the world of funeral services for the last decade or so toward cremation and other alternatives to more familiar methods of internment. Price plays a large factor, as does a change in Cath ...

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How to Save Money at Your Wedding

Believe it or not, there are plenty of couples out there who dream of a simple wedding celebration surrounded by their friends and loved ones. Not every bride says yes to the dress, or if she does, it is one that is off ...

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Unexpected Things When Planning a Wedding

Not every wedding is a state event, but even a small, simple ceremony takes a little planning. To be sure, not everything has to be perfect. Imperfections may often make the day memorable. Still, there are situations tha ...

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Woolen Caskets and the Plain Pine Box

A 225-year-old family-run woolen mill in West Yorkshire, England, makes uniforms for the British Royal Guard, felt linings for Steinway pianos, interior details for Rolls Royce and Bentley automobiles and now, woolen cas ...

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The Woman Who Married 50 Times

Maria Yoon is a Korean-born visual and performance artist who recently got married for the fiftieth time in Times Square in New York City. The artist has made a documentary about her experience. Yoon has become known as ...

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The Return of the Lavish Hotel Wedding

Before the last economic crash, corporate travelers made up the lion's share of revenue for most major hotels around the Washington, D.C. area. Big hotel-based weddings had quietly gone the way of aspic and olive trays. ...

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What Is Meant by a Natural Funeral?

What Is Meant by a Natural Funeral? A resurgence in the discussion of green or natural funerals may give the impression that the concept of the simple burial is a new one. In truth, the funeral we may think of as typ ...

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How to Officiate at a Funeral Service

![Officiate at a Funeral Service](/assets/getordained/blog/scaled/family-at-funeral-service-with-casket.jpg){.wp-image-664 .alignleft width=337 height=340}A funeral service addresses what may be a universal need to sa ...

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International Wedding Traditions

Planning a wedding, even when you what you are after is a simple, intimate affair, may feel like a daunting task. At times it may seem like tradition is a grand weight hanging over your heads, supported by a piece of thi ...

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