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Cemeteries See a Rise in Cremations

American living and dying customs have changed considerably in the past 50 years. People move around more. They do not necessarily put down the kind of roots that used to support traditions such as burial in a family plo ...

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An Alternative to Traditional Burials

The ground has been shifting in the world of funeral services for the last decade or so toward cremation and other alternatives to more familiar methods of internment. Price plays a large factor, as does a change in Cath ...

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Woolen Caskets and the Plain Pine Box

A 225-year-old family-run woolen mill in West Yorkshire, England, makes uniforms for the British Royal Guard, felt linings for Steinway pianos, interior details for Rolls Royce and Bentley automobiles and now, woolen cas ...

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What Is Meant by a Natural Funeral?

What Is Meant by a Natural Funeral? A resurgence in the discussion of green or natural funerals may give the impression that the concept of the simple burial is a new one. In truth, the funeral we may think of as typ ...

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How to Officiate at a Funeral Service

![Officiate at a Funeral Service](/assets/getordained/blog/scaled/family-at-funeral-service-with-casket.jpg){.wp-image-664 .alignleft width=337 height=340}A funeral service addresses what may be a universal need to sa ...

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How to Be a Funeral Minister

Today's society allows for a wider range of funeral options than most traditional religious or church-based offerings. While many people still opt to have the spiritual leader of their organization perform the funeral se ...

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