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Baptism News From Around the Globe

Pope Francis may be credited with drawing more international attention to religious news, but he is not the only figure making the headlines these days. Baptism has received more press recently and from a variety of de ...

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Plans for Mass Baptism Struck Down Twice in Israel

Grass-roots efforts successfully shut down a group baptism to be conducted by Jehovah's Witnesses in the Israeli city of Ra'anana. The service was cancelled recently for the second time, even after a District court rul ...

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Jordan River Cleared for Christian Tourism

Over the past several years, Jordan has worked to remove thousands of personnel and anti-tank mines from under the ground along the southern banks and surrounding area of the Jordan River. The explosives, buried mostly b ...

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Church of England Weighing Baptisms for Transgendered Individuals

According to The Guardian, officials in the Church of England are being made aware of a desire by some transgendered people to be baptized in the church under the names with which they identify. Most often these are new ...

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Restoring an Ancient Baptism Location

In many religious traditions, the Jordan River has been a holy baptism location for centuries. For Christians, its identity as the place of the baptism of Jesus Christ makes it the original source of all holy water. Pilg ...

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How to Perform a Baptism Emergency

7567836(1)](/assets/getordained/blog/scaled/couple-holds-baby-to-minister-baptism.jpg){.wp-image-585 .size-medium .alignleft width=300 height=201}In most Christian traditions, and in some other religions as well, it is n ...

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A Baptism Primer

The rite of baptism evokes some familiar images. Many might picture an infant being held over a font in a church surrounded by clergy, family and witnesses. Another scene may show a group of people up to their waists in ...

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