Cleaning Out a ClosetBeing stuck inside with your significant other for an extended period can easily become a “situation” in no time at all. Whether you’re feeling under the weather or the actual weather is being unforgiving, learning how to best use your time in social isolation can help you make a bad situation into a beneficial one. From dedicating time to personal hobbies to tackling home projects together to playing games, there are a ton of great ways to pass the time without resorting to arguments. Check out these activities and find what appeals to you. 

Throw a Wine-and-Cheese Pairing

Who says you need to invite a bunch of people over to your house to indulge in a wine-and-cheese pairing? If you’re able to hit the grocery store, consider grabbing a selection of cheeses you’ve never tried before. Take a moment to do your research and learn which wines pair best with the cheeses you purchased. This might seem like a simple activity, but it can be a wonderful way to have a romantic snack together. You can even set the mood with candles and music to pretend like you’re out on a date in a restaurant. 

Consider Fun Competition

Boredom can be a powerful foe. Luckily, one of the best cures for boredom is playing games. From board games to video games to apps you can download on your phone, you’ll be surprised to discover how many options there are for entertainment. A little bit of healthy competition can make being indoors a lot more interesting and help you pass the time in a more engaging way. If you want to kick things up, consider placing a bet on who will win a game and see what rewards you can come up with. 

Be Physical

Being cooped up in the house can produce a lot of restless energy. If you need to get some of this out, consider a workout. Establishing an exercise routine with your significant other while you’re stuck indoors is a fantastic way to work through a bit of this restlessness. What’s more, you can create a regimen that you both can stick with well after you’re able to leave the house again. This promotes a healthy lifestyle and allows you to lean on each other for support throughout. 

Explore Private Pursuits

Spending time together sometimes involves spending time apart. When you’re unable to go out into the world for social interaction, you don’t want to rely exclusively on your partner to keep you entertained. Instead, think about exploring your own private pursuits while occupying the same space. Reading, for example, is an easy way to spend time together without engaging with each other. Grab your favorite books, sit in a cozy room, and enjoy being in each other’s presence without feeling the need to actively take part in any specific activities.  

Condense and Clean

Being productive while stuck indoors can definitely be a wise way to spend your time. If you’re always talking about getting rid of clothing you never wear or rearranging the food in the pantry, now is the time to take on these tasks. Condense your possessions by weeding through everything you have stored away and deciding what is worth keeping, what can be donated, and what is destined for the landfill. When you’re able to leave the house again, you’ll take comfort in the fact that you’ll be returning to a clean and organized home.

Whether there’s a storm preventing you from going outdoors or you’ve got a cold and don’t want to spread germs, there are plenty of times when you’ll find yourself in social isolation with nothing to do. Instead of letting boredom take over, it can be wise to look at different activities you can engage in with your partner. This will help you make the best of a bad situation and introduce you to a world of interesting things you can do the next time you’re stuck at home. 

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