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Don't Sweat the Small StuffLittle problems are a part of life. While you may get frustrated when you encounter traffic on the way to work in the morning or you’re unable to find a piece of clothing in your exact size, there’s no need to lose yourself to the feeling. Unfortunately, plenty of people struggle with how to handle the small stuff. By falling into the habit of getting upset over every minor setback, you tend to perpetuate a sour disposition and become less fun to be around. Remember these points to find a less taxing path.

Changing the Reaction

Getting upset over something small or silly is usually a habit that develops over time. This means that it is often a knee-jerk reaction by the time it becomes an apparent problem. The first step to fixing your reaction to a hurdle is acknowledging how you are feeling. Before you lose your cool, address that you’re getting worked up emotionally. This usually does a lot to help you catch yourself before the mood can completely take control. Next, you want to think about why you are having this reaction.

Pinpointing the “why” is not always so easy. Many people struggle with reactions that stem from childhood traumas or have created defense mechanisms after being betrayed by friends or family members. Whether you’re dealing with a superficial reaction or something rooted in a more sensitive psychological place, working through your issues with help can be a great way to improve upon on your reactions. 

Living in the Moment

In many cases, a person can start to get frustrated by a setback in life because it will have a direct impact on his or her future. Encountering traffic during the morning commute may lead to a negative interaction with a boss about time management. Being unable to find clothing that fits can make someone self-conscious about his or her physical appearance. In most cases, the reaction comes from anticipation about the future or the reactions of others. Instead of focusing on the problem at hand, the person is fixated on outlying factors that can’t be controlled.

Practicing mindfulness and living in the moment can be a great way to start adjusting how you react to a small issue in life. When you’re grounded in the here and now, it is easier to see a minor problem for what it is. It is also easier to find a solution when you’re focused on it in a more direct way. 

Adopting a Better Mindset

Stewing in negative thoughts and emotions can also contribute to the reactions a person has to the small stuff in life. Sadly, the modern world makes it easy for the average person to sink into a place of helplessness and hopelessness. When you’re having a negative reaction to everything you encounter, it may be a good idea to take active steps toward hoisting yourself out of the rut. For some this means switching off social media. Others benefit from putting down the newspaper now and again. See what’s bogging you down and work out a better balance. 

Talking It Out

Finally, remember that you will always achieve more when you work on your issues with another person. Turning to people you love and care about when you need help with a problem is an amazing way to feel better about your ability to take on a challenge. Give yourself a chance to sit down and chat with someone about an issue and see if it helps you figure out a better solution.

Sweating the small stuff might be a natural reaction for you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make some helpful adjustments. Learn how to best manage the minor issues in life and see what a difference it can make.

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