Candles for a MemorialThe year after losing a loved one can be the most challenging. While time is known to heal all wounds, there are some emotional scars that will linger for the rest of your years. Still, there are opportunities to make the most of your sorrow and pay tribute to the departed. One way to achieve this is through a memorial service. Typically held a year after the burial of the deceased, a service like this is a fantastic way to bring people together to celebrate the life of a person who has now been absent for a full year. 

Planning a memorial is all about taking the spirit of your deceased loved one into consideration. Look over these tips and learn how you can plan a fitting event to remember someone special. 

Consider a Location

The best way to start is by considering the location of the event. What type of service are you looking to have? For some, the burial site of the departed is an obvious place to conduct the services. However, this isn’t possible in cases where the person was cremated or was not buried in a location that is convenient for the majority of the intended guests. Outdoor locations like parks are usually preferable, as this allows you more room to work with if many people come out to pay their respects. 

An indoor space can also be a good way to go, though this is usually best if the crowd is going to be smaller. Someone’s house or a local restaurant make for great places to convene and break bread together. If you wish to add a religious element to the event, it is quite easy to ask someone to come to the location to conduct a quick service in the name of the departed.  

Think About Small Touches

The person you are memorializing was a unique and irreplaceable individual. This means that you don’t want your service to feel generic. To achieve this, think about what made your loved one so special. Whether he or she had a bombastic personality, a kind spirit, or a love of the quirky, there are ways to incorporate these traits into the service. For a person who loved to joke, consider a lighthearted service where laughter and amusement are encouraged. Someone who liked to give to charity, similarly, can be best remembered by working good deeds into the memorial service activities. 

The sights and sounds of the service can also help to define the departed’s personality. If your loved one had a favorite hobby or sports team, work the imagery from these interests into the service. Football memorabilia might not be the most appropriate decor at a funeral, but it is perfect for a memorial service. As long as you stay true to the spirit of the deceased, you’ll have no trouble finding the right angle for the event. 

Include a Moment of Silence

A moment of silence to reflect on the previous year without the departed’s presence is also encouraged. Hand out candles or flowers, and have everyone take a moment together to sit in peace and think. It might be a small act, but you’ll feel the love of all of the other people present when you stand in a quiet space together and allow your thoughts to center on the deceased. This doesn’t have to be a major moment, either. A quick minute of reflection is perfect for any event.

Paying tribute to a loved one a year after he or she has passed away can be difficult. Stay true to the spirit of the person you lost, and it will be a lot easier to put together an event that you can take pride in.

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