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Watching TelevisionWhether you’ve been with your partner a few years or you’re approaching a milestone anniversary, being stuck inside for long periods of time can easily drive you crazy. The current COVID-19 pandemic has forced a majority of people across the world indoors. While remaining at home might be a small step to take in order to stay healthy, quarantine can easily become tiresome and cause you to grow irritated for little or no reason. Thankfully, you can always park yourself in front of a television screen and stream endless hours of entertainment to ease tensions.

These days, there are plenty of streaming services out there. Finding the right options is as easy as thinking about your personal tastes. Consider these tips and find a way to stay sane together during these bizarre times.

Apps for Movie Buffs

Perhaps the most prolific name in streaming is Netflix. After starting as a DVD-by-mail company in the late 90s, Netflix took advantage of emerging technology and introduced a revolutionary way of watching media at home. Now, the name is synonymous with streaming and cultural trends like “Netflix and chill.” If you’re looking for an extensive library of movies, television shows, and original content, this is a great place to start. While affordable and expansive, Netflix is often best for individuals who appreciate original films or time-tested favorites.

If you’re someone who wants to watch more current movies, Amazon Prime may be more your speed. In fact, Amazon has recently broadened its selection to include films that were slated to be released in theaters during the coronavirus quarantine. Since you and your partner can’t go to the theater anytime soon, take a look at what Amazon has to offer and save a ton of money by renting the latest blockbusters from your couch.

Tubi is another worthwhile service. Free and available on a variety of devices, this app provides a rotating selection of popular and independent movies.

Services for Revisiting Television Seasons

Binging an entire television season in one sitting was not totally uncommon for many people before self-isolation protocols were enacted. If you and your partner love disappearing for long hours into captivating worlds and in-depth storytelling, you’ll want to look toward streaming services geared toward TV. Hulu is one of the better streaming options in this regard. With an array of current show seasons available to stream and a backlog of content from dozens of popular programs, a Hulu membership is a great way to find new and exciting shows.

If you’ve got little ones in the house, Disney+ should definitely be on your radar. Not only does this app provide your family with a near-complete collection of Disney films, it also has hours upon hours of television programs aimed at every member of the group. Original shows like “The Mandalorian” can be an amazing way to bridge generational gaps in a family and bring the whole clan together for weekly entertainment that inspires conversation afterward.

Special Interest Options

Plenty of brands are trying to hop on the streaming bandwagon while it is still viable. This is ideal if you’re a fan of niche media and are tired of what you’re seeing on other services. DCUniverse is a streaming service by DC Comics that includes a wealth of original TV shows, films, and comic books featuring favorites like Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman. Similarly, Shudder is a streaming service aimed at horror fans that has a sizable library of spooky films, old and new alike. While these services are fee-based, they can provide a wonderful way to connect with media that really appeals to your family.

While it might be normal to feel irritated with your significant other after being stuck indoors for months, it is important to discover healthy ways to release steam. Find a streaming service that works for your tastes and learn to relax during trying times.

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