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Love Hashtag GraphicThe internet holds a lot of influence over how people conduct their daily lives. From shopping to paying bills to sharing photos, taking care of any task becomes a lot easier when it is conducted online. Naturally, digital advancements have also made certain matters slightly more confusing. If you’re planning your wedding, you might have heard a lot of discussion about using a special hashtag for your big day. When you don’t have the first idea about how to accomplish this, it can be useful to take a step back and gain more perspective on social media and modern weddings. 

What Is a Wedding Hashtag?

Though it might seem straightforward on the surface, some people aren’t very savvy when it comes to tech terms like “hashtag.” To put the concept in context, a wedding hashtag is a specialized word or phrase that can be attached to photos and other content you and your guests place online. Couples want to make the tag as personalized as possible so that it doesn’t overlap with an existing tag. When an original hashtag is created and clicked on a social media app, it will reveal all the content that is shared under that tag.

The advantage of a tag is that it provides a convenient place to look over pictures, videos, and sentimental text posts connected to your wedding. Your nuptials are going to be a whirlwind, meaning you might not have time to stop and appreciate the moment before it passes. A hashtag helps you take a stroll back into your wedding whenever you’d like and view the event from the perspectives of your closest friends and family members. 

Creating a Tag

Creating your own hashtag can prove a bit more challenging than many couples realize. Whether you’re adept at using the latest gadgets or struggle with computer literacy, figuring out a tag that has not been used before requires a bit of work. Most couples opt to use the surname (or surnames) they will be using after the wedding, as this typically is the easiest way to find a unique tag. However, you might have a common last name like Smith or Jones, which means there are likely hundreds upon hundreds of existing tags using your name.

One key point to keep in mind when creating a tag is simplicity. If the wording is unique but inscrutable, no one is going to remember the hashtag enough to use it when the moment comes. This is why couples usually try to include a clever pun in the tag, as it makes it easier for guests to recall. If you don’t feel creative enough to come up with phrasing you enjoy, enlist the assistance of someone you know who has a proficiency with social media. 

Review Existing Tags

No matter how special you might think your tag is, there is only one surefire way to know if it has been used before. Open a few social media apps on your phone or computer and type your tag into each one. The hope is that no existing content will appear under the tag. If you notice that your top tag already has a handful of pictures associated with it, try adding a number to the end of the words to customize it a bit more. 

Go Random

Finally, you can always roll the proverbial dice in order to pick your tag. There are many online generators that can create hashtags for free. Even if you don’t use the generated ideas, the results can inspire you to come up with your own tag.

Incorporating social media into your wedding is all about figuring out a clever hashtag. As long as you put a little work into the decision, you’ll have no trouble feeling #blessed on your big day.

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