Happy Young CoupleWhether you have been with your significant other for many years or have only known one another a short while, all relationships require work. Every now and then, it is beneficial to take a step back and take a hard look at your relationship. Taking active steps to improve how you interact with your significant other can help keep the connection you share as a couple strong. Explore this advice and discover different ways to strengthen your relationship. 


All relationships thrive when communication occurs often and in an open manner. It doesn’t matter if you’re dealing with a significant other, a client, a coworker, or a friend, you must always communicate to keep a relationship healthy. Many people struggle in this department, however, and keep unsaid sentiments inside until they build into larger issues. By practicing consistent communication, you are always “checking in” with your partner. Staying aware of each other’s thoughts and feelings can help reduce the odds of falling into unnecessary conflict.  

Time Apart

Being together all the time may seem sweet and romantic in a sense, but the reality is far different. When you are constantly occupying the same space as your partner, you are going to start wearing on each other. In a relationship, spending time apart is just as important as time together. Respect each other’s alone time and find hobbies or friends outside of your relationship. Having robust personal lives keeps your relationship healthy and interesting, as there’s always something new to talk about.

Let Go

It is impossible to move forward if you are constantly looking back. A big part of maintaining a strong relationship with your significant other is learning to let go of the past. Constantly bringing up matters that happened weeks or even years ago suggests you have not gotten over these perceived transgressions. If you have forgiven your partner on a particular issue, refrain from bringing that topic up the next time you argue. Let go, move forward, and unburden yourselves from the constant pain that comes with dwelling on the past.

The Blame Game

As a species, the human race has a big problem with looking for scapegoats. More often than not, an individual is likely to blame an external force for his or her own shortcomings rather than admit any responsibility. This plays out in a microcosmic way in most romantic relationships. You and your partner will fall into the habit of blaming one another for matters great and small. Instead of saying “you forgot to take out the garbage again,” be proactive and take out the trash yourself. Helpful engagement always beats out the blame game. 

Do Fun Things Together

The longer you’re with your partner, the more you fall into a routine of same old, same old. In order to keep your relationship alive, you need to take time for fun activities. Shake things up by going out to see a movie on a weeknight or taking a last-minute day trip somewhere. While some form of a routine is important for your relationship, predictability can also be a trap. 

Know Your Partner

People have different ways of showing and receiving affection. A big aspect of a relationship is learning how your significant other gives and receives love. Some people enjoy physical reminders of love like a kiss on the cheek, while others express affection through giving gifts. Take time to understand your partner’s needs in this department, and express your own desires openly. This will help you both understand the most comfortable ways to show your love.

Relationships grow and change over time. In order for you to keep the bond with your significant other strong, you need to stay vigilant and assess where improvements can be made. Explore different options and see what works best for the needs of your unique relationship.

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