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Romantic Older Couple Dancing At HomeMarriage can be exhausting and challenging despite all of its rewards. If you don't put some effort into it, then you might find that yours is struggling. When you said your vows, you likely said something along the lines of loving "through better or worse." Whether your marriage has never been better or you feel like you are on the brink of divorce, it can never hurt to show your spouse a little extra love. In fact, it may be all you need to turn a rocky marriage around. Here are some ways you can show love to your spouse.

Write a Letter

In today's day and age, writing letters has become somewhat of a lost art. It's easier to send an email, a text, or a Facebook message. Writing a letter by hand shows a lot of effort and seems more personal. Consider writing your spouse a letter detailing the things you like most about him or her. You might want to include a couple of specific examples so that your spouse can see what you're talking about. Leave it under your spouse's pillow or somewhere where he or she will find it by chance. Having an unexpected letter sharing how much you love him or her will likely make your spouse's day.

Say "I Love You"

Many couples say "I love you" to each other several times a day in passing, such as before they get off the phone. Still, don't underestimate the power these words can have. Telling your spouse that you love him or her in an unexpected moment can make the words seem more powerful. Making a habit of doing this a few times a week can show love and help keep the romance alive in your marriage.

Bring Home a Surprise

When you come home from work, consider bringing a little gift with you. If they like flowers, bring home a bouquet. If they're a sports fan, get two tickets to an upcoming game. It doesn't really matter what the gift is; it's the thought behind it that counts. These little surprises will tell your spouse that you were thinking about them while you were apart, and they'll feel loved.

You might also consider surprising your spouse with a date night. If you have children, arrange for a babysitter ahead of time and make reservations at your favorite restaurant, or get tickets to a show they'll enjoy. Let your significant other know you have made plans for the night. The anticipation both of you will feel can be a reminder of how much you love each other and how much you enjoy spending time with each other.

Physical Touch

Physical touch is another way many people feel loved. It can be more than the act of sex, even things like holding hands or hugging can bring on the happy emotions.

  • Try holding hands while the two of you are watching television together.
  • Cuddle with him or her when it's time to go to bed.
  • Offer a nice massage after a long day's work.

Physical touch can be so simple but can do so much for a relationship.

Speak Positively About Them

It's so easy to want to vent to someone about the way your spouse is behaving. It may be they forgot to take out the trash, or they let the dishes pile up in the sink. Perhaps it's even something more serious. No matter what, do what you can to speak positively about your spouse to other people. Chances are, you will get over whatever it is that is bothering you, but the people you have vented to may not be so quick to forget. Remember, it's always easier to complain than to compliment. If something you said about your spouse gets back to them, you want it to be something positive.

These are just a few ways to show love to your spouse. If you're in a fight, it may be just what you need to get back on the right track. If you're doing just fine, it will strengthen your bond even deeper. Wherever your marriage may be, showing your love to your spouse is always a great idea.

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