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New Steps Taken Toward Marriage Equality

Marriage EqualityGay marriage in the United States has been an ongoing religious and political debate. Recently, New Jersey, Illinois, and Hawaii have all legalized gay marriage in recent weeks gay marriage is now completely legal in 16 states across the union. A number of different legal and moral stances have been taken on the issue of marriage equality. There are a number of different arguments that address various stances regarding religion, state policy, federal legislation, and same-sex marriage.

Brief Background on Federal Gay Marriage Policy: The Separation Clause and Federalism

The Separation Clause in the United States Constitution outlines a clear division between church and state. There are fundamental state rights granted under the greater jurisdiction of the federal government. Gay marriage currently falls under the jurisdiction of state rights as it is yet to be amended in the Federal Constitution. Different political pressures from various activist groups have historically been highly influential on individual state policy for same-sex marriage.

Equality of Heterosexual and Same-Sex Marriage in the United States

States including California, Connecticut, Delaware, the District of Columbia, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington have all legalized gay marriage for some time. The addition of legalizing same-sex marriage in New Jersey, Hawaii, and Illinois has furthered the movement in providing marital equality for all people.

Legal Definitions, Semantics, and the Larger Issue

The definition of gender can vary. Some argue that gender is defined by identity; others argue that gender is defined by genetic makeup; and other groups argue that gender is basically defined by sexual organs. Defining a marriage between a man and a woman with absolute certainty can quickly become unclear in many legal scenarios. Instead of focusing on semantics and labels, the bigger issue in legalizing same-sex marriage is largely considered to be fundamental human rights and promotion of equality.

Fundamental Human Rights and the Universal Life Church

The Universal Life Church believes in marriage equality, and the Universal Life Church views marriage as a right regardless of sexual orientation. The recent adoption of same-sex marriage in three new states is one more step in furthering the rights of all people. We are all children of the same Universe, and we should strive to do what is right. Marriage equality is more than a heated religious and political debate. It has underlying roots in furthering the inherent rights of all people in the GLBTQI community. All people should be treated as equals to heterosexual counterparts through the lens of the United States judicial system.

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