Bride and Groom Eloping on a MotorcycleIs the idea of throwing a huge wedding making you feel stressed out? Are you a person who prefers small, personal moments of significance over loud, showy parties? Getting married in the traditional way is not for everyone, and there are plenty of hang-ups you may have about tying the knot in a public way. Thankfully, marriage doesn’t need to be a production. One of the easiest alternatives available is the decision to elope. Instead of making your wedding an affair for everyone you know, you can center it around you and your partner.

What Is Eloping?

Though the term is quite common, many people still are not fully aware of what eloping entails. The traditional definition is an event conducted by a couple in secrecy with little-to-no knowledge on the part of their family and friends. A ceremony is part of the process, but there is no reception or large party after. The general idea remains the same, though many modern couples opt to tell parents and siblings of the wedding in order to avoid any awkward conversations down the line.

What To Know in Advance

If you’re playing around with the idea of elopement, it can be useful to brush up on some local laws. The quickest and easiest way to tie the knot is by going to city hall. However, plenty of local governments have strict rules about making appointments. You don’t want to show up at the courthouse on the day you plan to make your marriage official and discover the offices will be closed for the next few weeks. Check everything in advance to help understand how to best navigate the steps.

What Personal Preferences To Consider

Eloping is incredibly easy. In fact, you’ll be surprised at how simple the task is. A majority of the decisions you will need to make about your low-key wedding will come down to your personal preferences. For example, you may wish to have a close friend marry you instead of an officiant provided through the local courthouse. Considering these little details can help to make your elopement feel more grounded. The whole point of this decision is to give the event significance to you, so get creative with how you put your mark on things.

One big thing to think about is a post-elopement party. It might seem like it goes against the idea of a private and small event, but plenty of couples still want to celebrate in their own unique ways. Without making the list too long, gather some of those dearest to you and host a dinner or other casual affair. Whether you decide to indulge in conversation, board games, dancing, or just drinking, there is no need for the party to morph into anything larger than a simple celebration.

What About the Announcement?

Weddings are a big deal to most people. If you elope, you may deal with friends and family members who feel offended by being excluded from your festivities. Though most will understand your decision, you may need to exercise caution when announcing that you’ve officially gotten married. Anyone who might be surprised by the news in a negative way should be addressed in advance and privately. After covering these individuals, you can go about making a public announcement on social media or by sending out message cards through the mail. 

There is a romantic aura surrounding eloping. Though it may be enticing, it is best to deliberate the details and ramifications of this decision before you commit to the idea. If you find it is the right fit for your love story, making it work is far easier than putting together an elaborate wedding.

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