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White and Black MasksWhile a global pandemic has impacted everyday life for most people, it hasn’t stopped our desire to marry and build lives together. Social distancing and other safety requirements have affected the way we gather and celebrate, but celebrate we must. In many places, there is a mandate for everyone to wear a facial mask. These facial coverings have become an essential fashion accessory for some people. See how to work them into the attire for your nuptials.

Masking Up

You may opt to be maskless as you walk down the aisle or during the ceremony itself; however, there’s an entire wedding and reception to think about. Consider a special pair of masks for the couple tying the knot. These could be made of special materials and colors to complement your special attire. You could have your names or titles, bride or groom, embroidered or printed on the material to stand out from the crowd. Let the rest of your wedding party join in on the fun with designs that identify a maid or matron of honor, best man, bridesmaid, groomsman or usher.

Saving Something for Guests

Masks are not just for one — they’re for the whole group. A monogrammed mask for each guest is a great way to make sure everyone gets in on safe practices for your nuptials. Consider one color for your friends and family and a complementary hue for that of your partner’s. If your wedding and reception have a particular design motif, guest masks can echo or match that theme in a design that’s affordable and sustainable.

Partying Responsibly

Make mask wearing more fun by having a masquerade ball-themed wedding reception. This is a great way to let your guests infuse a little creativity into your special occasion that reflects their sense of style or humor. Masks that cover the nose and mouth can be easily incorporated into the overall outfit, making safe pandemic protocols more than a nuisance or necessary evil. Those with the best facial coverings get to take pictures with the newlyweds first! Take the fun to the next level with a prize for the most creative and best executed ideas.

Working It for the Camera

The new fashion accessory of the 2020s doesn’t have to ruin your photos. This is a strange time in the world that will be documented in numerous ways. While you can have official photos that feature you and your mask-free partner with members of the wedding party, it might also be nice to have photos that make use of an intentional mask design scheme. Whether these are masks that complement the wedding attire or ones that feature text that acknowledge the pandemic in a humorous way, the choice is up to you. Choose what works for you!

Amping Up the Style

Wedding ceremonies are usually impacted by the cultural and ethnic traditions of the couple to be wed. Does your family or that of your spouse to be come from another country? Work your nation of origin’s colors, symbols or themes into your wedding with custom-made masks. While white and soft colors such as cream, ivory and beige are often the go-to hues for tying the knot, flag-themed masks are a great way to bring in pops of color that acknowledge and honor your or your spouse’s roots.

While a pandemic and its effects on our lives are still here, you can find ways to experience major personal milestones such as a marriage ceremony. Mask requirements are probably here to stay, but they don’t have to ruin your big day. There are a number of ways to creatively implement masks into the attire for both the wedding party and invited guests alike.

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