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DivorcedMarriage is a tricky thing. Committing to spending the rest of your life with another person is not a decision that should be taken lightly. Of course, you probably already know that. You may also know that about half of people who get married wind up divorced, usually within the first three to seven years. There is no magic formula to make a perfect marriage or way to know for sure whether or not you are going to end up divorced. Still, there are some indicators that may slightly increase your chances. Obviously, abuse and a cheating spouse are on that list, but there are less obvious divorce risks as well. Just because some of these apply to you doesn't mean you are doomed, but it's interesting all the same.

No Children

Children can definitely put a strain on the marriage. In the first year of a child's life especially, things can be difficult as the couple adjusts to nights with no sleep and an individual who is completely dependent on them. Still, those who do not have any children are actually more likely to wind up divorced than couples with kids. This may be because parents who are going through marital struggles want to "stay together for the kids." When they do that, they are more likely to make it through their problems and move on. Another reason could be because of the joy that bringing a child into the world can bring.

Big Age Difference

Couples who have a large age gap have a higher likelihood of divorce than those closer in age. A marriage in which the husband is nine or more years older than his wife has double the likelihood of ending in divorce. This could be because each person is in a different stage of life, whereas a couple who is closer in age are going through life stages at the same time.

Health Issues

Having a spouse with health issues can put an extreme strain on the marriage. This is particularly true when the spouse is a woman. In fact, a woman who receives a cancer diagnosis or is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis is six times more likely to get divorced than if the man is the one diagnosed.


You have likely heard that money can be one of the main reasons for divorce. It can be stressful figuring out how to pay the bills and make ends meet. Because of this, it may not come as a surprise that people with lower incomes are more likely to get divorced. If you make more than $50,000 a year, then you are three times less likely to get divorced than people who make less than that.

If none of these situations apply to you, then you may think there's nothing to worry about. You still shouldn't let your guard down. Every marriage takes work. On the other hand, if some of these factors sound familiar, then you may be worried that your marriage is doomed. This isn't the case. A few things you can do to help strengthen your marriage include:

  • Working on your communication
  • Taking time for one another
  • Never going to bed angry

While the factors discussed can are divorce risks, you shouldn't dwell upon any of them. Just focus on making your marriage the best it can be and you have nothing to fear.

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