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Making a DecisionIndecision is a weight that can slowly crush a person’s spirits. Though the inability to make a choice between two restaurants for dinner may seem like an arbitrary issue, it usually speaks to a more serious flaw in a person’s character. When you’re unable to make a small decision, it can be that much more complicated to make up your mind on more significant matters. It is hard to deny the power of decisiveness when it comes to leadership, but all people can benefit from acting more and deliberating less. 

The Lack of Faith in Self

The phrase “trust your gut” has been repeated so many times and in so many ways that it often doesn’t carry any real meaning. Still, most people would agree that it is important to listen to oneself when making choices. However, lingering too long on a decision can illustrate that a person has no actual faith in his or her abilities to make the “right” choice. Though it is not the only cause for indecision, an inability to trust one’s own instincts is a major reason. 

Overcoming this obstacle is far from easy. Thankfully, there are tricks that help. When you don’t have the confidence in yourself you require, remember another phrase: “Fake it till you make it.” Pretending you believe in yourself can go a long way toward boosting your confidence and helping you actually develop faith in your abilities.  

The Problem With Perfection

Another cause of indecisiveness is a person’s desire for a perfect outcome. An artist might work on a project for an unusual amount of time to get it “just right” and never reveal it to the public. A homeowner could spend so much time cleaning that he or she never actually commits to inviting guests over because there’s always work to be done. Putting off decisions because the circumstances are not ideal is an easy way to avoid making a firm choice about anything in your life. 

Though the advice “aim low” doesn’t inspire confidence, there is some truth to be found in the idea of keeping expectations realistic. The perfect situation does not exist. However, you’ll never know what kind of scene will play out if you never feel ready enough to make a commitment one way or the other. At a certain point you need to say, “This is good enough; let’s go.”

The Contributing Factors

Plenty of people struggle when it comes to very specific decisions. You might not have any trouble deciding on what to eat or how to spend your time, but you could find it challenging to know where to live or what career path is best. A great way to overcome a hurdle is by addressing the root of the issue. Why are you struggling with this decision? What factors are influencing you? Look toward the cause of your holdup and see if it helps you unravel the problem and make a concrete decision.  

The Spur of the Moment

You shouldn’t make most decisions without a little bit of thought. However, there is absolutely no need for you to take an eternity ordering coffee or ice cream. In moments where you’re struggling with making an inconsequential decision, just make a choice in a snap. Maybe you’ll love the outcome; maybe you’ll hate it. The point is that you’ll actually have a much easier time making a choice the next time because you’ll have gone through this trial and error. Plus, it may help you make more important decisions with less contemplation.

Being more decisive has a way of producing a lot of positive benefits, from feeling more confident to experiencing more varied outcomes. Take advantage of all life has to offer by learning how to be more resolute with your decisions.

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