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A Groom With a Wedding RingYou’re probably counting down the days before you don your wedding attire, walk down the aisle and pledge to love your sweetheart in front of your family and friends. You might feel calm, or you could be anxious about what’s to come. No matter what your personality or approach to planning is, following some helpful tips will ensure that you’re well-rested and focused when you say, “I do.”

Mind Your Alcohol Consumption

Naturally, you might raise your glass for a few toasts at your rehearsal dinner, or spend time with friends the night before. However, overindulging can do you more harm than good. This Mayo Clinic information sheet reveals that alcohol can dehydrate the body, lower blood sugar and expand blood vessels, all of which contribute to typical hangover symptoms. Limit your celebratory drinks the night prior to the big day, and stop early enough in the evening to allow yourself to get a good night’s sleep.

Speaking of Sleep

Getting an adequate amount of shut-eye before your wedding might be easier said than done. Nevertheless, making sleep a priority will ensure that you’re prepared. Besides the health benefits and restorative properties, you’ll experience better mental acuity. After all, you’ll need a refreshed mind to remember your vows or even which socks you planned to wear. To err on the side of caution, Wedding Ideas Magazine suggests setting an alarm (or two) to guarantee that you don’t oversleep.

Store Attire and Accessories in a Safe Place

As you’re getting dressed for the ceremony, the last thing you need is to misplace your accessories. To evade this potential problem, store your attire in an easily accessible location. Your suit, dress shirt and tie will be hung up together, but it’s also helpful to keep cufflinks and other odds and ends all in the same place. Additionally, it’s wise to take the same approach with your underwear, so choose it beforehand and keep it in a safe spot as well. You’ll avoid panicking and a last-minute dash as you’re getting ready.

Do You Know Where Your Rings Are? 

Assuming your honor attendant is a responsible sort of person, you’re probably in good hands when it comes to the wedding rings. However, it doesn’t hurt to do a couple of final checks on their location before the ceremony kicks off. After all, your attendant likely has a lot on his or her plate from agreeing to help. Brides recommends that you check in with him or her the night before to ensure the rings are safely tucked away. Furthermore, it doesn’t hurt to confirm their location again the morning of your wedding.

A Gift to Surprise Your Spouse

Both you and your partner have been rushing around, trying to confirm that all the details are in place. Chances are, he or she is just as stressed out as you are, if not more so. What better way to lighten the mood on your wedding morning than a little gift? Whatever you select, make sure it’s wrapped up the night before. Although it’s a small gesture, it’s a great way to emphasize that you know what matters most on your special day: your love for each other. 

Refreshed, Organized and Ready

Whether you’re the kind of person who takes life with a laidback attitude or you tend to obsess over details, it’s important to ensure that as a groom, you’re ready for your big day. The 24 hours prior to your festivities are especially crucial. Taking care of your health, organizing final details and sending your sweetie a small gift will help you focus on what’s most important and guarantee that your big day goes off without a hitch.

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