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Funeral and estate planning signLosing a loved one is difficult, and it isn't helpful when you have to think about planning a funeral and all of the costs you are likely to incur. Even when you are splitting the cost between several family members, it can be a financial burden that's difficult to bear. This also can make the grieving process harder. Here are some of the things you will have to think about paying for:

  • A casket
  • A funeral service
  • A burial plot
  • Flowers

These things add up quickly, but there are some things you can do to help reduce the cost of your loved one's funeral. These things won't reduce the quality of that funeral, but they can simply make it easier for you and others to handle financially.

Look for a Life Insurance Policy

One of the first things you should do is find out whether your loved one had a life insurance policy. If he or she did, you would probably know about it, but it's a good idea to check just in case. Look through the deceased's documents to see if you can find any paperwork. If there was a life insurance policy, then the funeral will likely be paid for, and oftentimes there will even be some money left over.

Consider Cremation

Cremation is something that can save you a great deal of money. When you have your loved one cremated, you are saving on the cost of a casket, a headstone, and a burial plot. All of these things can add up to thousands of dollars, so it can be a substantial savings. You can scatter the ashes along the departed's favorite spot or keep them in an urn so he or she is always with you.

Rent a Casket

If you aren't comfortable with the thought of cremation, you could rent a casket. A casket can be provided for the wake and memorial service but will be returned before the burial. Your loved one will be buried in a cardboard box. Not only does this save you a lot of money, it can also be beneficial for the environment.

Buy a Casket Elsewhere

While you may be tempted to make the funeral home your one-stop shop for everything, this isn't a very cost-effective option. Many funeral homes' caskets are very expensive. Instead, see if you can buy a casket from the manufacturer or from another store. If you do want to purchase the casket from the funeral home, then ask to see their budget-friendly options.

Don't Let Anyone Guilt You Into Anything

It can be difficult to make decisions when a loved one is gone, especially if he or she didn't give you any input as to what was wanted. However, it's important to remember the deceased likely would want what's best for you, and that would mean for you to save money wherever possible. Don't let family members or funeral homes give you a hard time about choosing cheaper options. The funeral home has absolutely no say in what decisions should be made. Remember, even though its staff are trained to be sympathetic, it is also in the business to make money.

Watch Out for Packages

Packages can be a great way to save money, but they can also make you spend money on things you do not need. Be sure to get the details on what the package includes so you know whether or not it's worth spending your money on. If you can't find one that fits your needs, then just pay for everything individually.

Planning a funeral is expensive, but you can save money by following these steps. Remember your loved one is gone, but he or she would want you to make the choices that are easiest for you, both emotionally and financially.

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