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Young Happy Couple Showing AffectionThe start of a new year can bring about some exciting opportunities. For many people, this time marks the chance to commit to resolutions. Whether you’re looking to get in better shape, connect with loved ones, or read more, a resolution can help you set a goal and be a better version of yourself. You may also wish to make a resolution with your significant other. Resolving to make specific changes with your partner is not only an excellent way to add accountability and increase your odds of success, but it can also serve to strengthen your relationship.

Consider Your Needs

Picking the most appropriate resolutions starts with examining the current status of your relationship. In what areas do you feel like you and your partner could stand to see some improvement? For some couples, busy schedules and long hours make it impossible to find more than a few hours together each week. If this is the case, a commitment to dedicate more time to one another can be a wonderful promise. Consider the specific needs you both have, and see what resolutions will help you fulfill those needs. 

Phone Time and Alone Time

In the digital age, most people could stand to break away from their phones every now and again. According to recent statistics, the vast majority of couples admit that spending time together usually involves being in the same room while invested in their devices. Sadly, being in close proximity to someone does not count as actually spending quality time together. Reduce your phone time and have a conversation, or engage in an activity you both enjoy. Time apart is also healthy for relationships. If you’re always around your partner, your resolution could be to offer some alone time. 

Be Physical

The longer you have been together, the easier it becomes to fall into a routine. Relationship experts have long stated that the first area of a relationship that suffers when things become formulaic is sex. Physical contact is wildly important for relationships. While you don’t need to have wild, passionate sessions every night of the week, you do need to learn to make physical intimacy a part of your lives. Whether you resolve to be more spontaneous in this way or commit to scheduling it into your calendar, remembering the physical side of your connection can be beneficial.

Have Adventures

There are many ways to keep your relationship fresh when faced with routine. When you first met, it stands to reason you went on many dates and had unplanned adventures. It is easy to find yourself doing new and exciting activities when you’re with someone new and you share a connection. This year, resolve to have more adventures like this. Take a road trip to a nearby town and stay in a hotel. Take a blanket outside at night and have a picnic under the stars. Whatever you do, resolve to have fun together.

Consider the Future

The dawn of a new year is also a great time to think about the future of your relationship. Instead of making a specific resolution, you may want to use this time to have a discussion about the direction you’re headed. Maybe the time is coming to purchase a home together or adopt a pet or make an attempt at having a child. Talking about these ideas can help you formulate a plan together and start creating an actual process for attaining these goals.

Making a New Year’s resolution is a great way to make positive changes and hold yourself to a higher standard as you enter another year in your life. Work with your partner to create a couple’s resolution, and discover new ways to strengthen the bond you share.

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