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A Couple Looking at Their Phones in BedThe age of the internet has totally changed the way most people go about their lives. Whether you’re reading the news, ordering some new boots, or trying to comprehend statistics about baseball, you’re likely staring at your phone while you go about these tasks. While the internet has made life a lot more convenient in a multitude of ways, it also has added some new problems to basic relationships. In fact, a majority of couples admit to spending more time on their phones than interacting with each other while at home.

The way you use your phone while around your partner plays a big part in how your relationship grows. Consider these suggestions and learn how you can spend less time staring at screens and more time connecting. 

Recognize the Issue

There is a meme that has circulated recently that states: “Relationships are mainly being mad that your significant other is on the phone during those few moments when you are not on your phone.” While funny, there is a lot of truth in this post. Everyone falls prey to the allure of social media and the other traps of the internet. When approaching your partner about spending less time on his or her phone, you need to also recognize that you are likely just as guilty of this.

When both you and your partner understand changes need to be made, the issue becomes less of a point of contention. You can work together on limiting your screen time and actively decide to explore more engaging tasks with your free time together. Also, you may want to do more than swap out phone time for watching a movie together. Going from one screen to another may defeat the entire purpose of connecting.

Be Active Together

There are a ton of fantastic ways to spend less time on your phone and more with your partner. Actively working on a project together can be a fantastic way to fill your hours with meaningful interactions. This can be as small as cooking a meal together or something more complicated like taking on a hobby you both enjoy. If your significant other is a runner, for example, then offer to go on a run. This helps you both spend quality time together in an active way, rather than sitting next to each other and surfing Instagram feeds.

Have a Conversation

It is often easy to forget the difference between idle chat and in-depth conversation. Reading a news article on your phone and sharing the talking points might seem like it is opening the doors for conversation, but often you both will be looking at your own screens again within a few minutes. Set aside time each week to sit down and talk. You can discuss work, family matters, philosophy, art, sports, or whatever it is you both enjoy talking about.

It may seem silly to dedicate part of your schedule to having a conversation with your partner, but this is often the best way to make it into a habit. Before long, you both will fall into better patterns and learn to engage before opening your phone and zoning out.

Teach Each Other

You and your partner probably have a lot of unique skills. Perhaps you play the guitar and your partner knows how to knit. Instead of using your phones while hanging around the house, teach each other new skills. By guiding your significant other on how to play the guitar, you are strengthening the bond you share and engaging in an activity that can produce fun results. 

It may be difficult to put down your phone, but the benefits outweigh the risks. Discover the right activities for your relationship, and see how your connection grows.

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