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Group of Men CelebratingWeddings are celebrations surrounding the union of two people in love. In a more traditional marriage, the bride is the one who people tend to shower with the most affection and attention. This is because weddings have been dubbed an activity more closely associated with women. In truth, men and women are equals when it comes to dealing with the stress and excitement of a marriage. While the bride might be the one who gets to call a lot of the shots, it is important to remember that the groom needs some extra attention now and then.

If you are a groom who wants to make his wedding into something a bit more unique, then you need to open your mind to the many interesting routes before you. Take a look at some of these simple suggestions on how to move forward with your planning. With a bit of advice, you might come up with the perfect idea for how to celebrate your coming union in a way that is befitting of your own needs. 

Brodown Showdown

A “brodown” is a slang term for when men come together to bond and hang out. While planning for your wedding, you might assume that the bachelor party is where you will be able to chill with your bros. In truth, there are a couple of other areas worth considering. Although it is something of a newer trend, the idea of a male bridal shower is something that many couples have been playing with. Affectionately dubbed a “bro-dal shower,” this event is perfect for dudes who want to show some love to their bud before his wedding. 

Of course, this is not an event that will work for all men. Some guys don’t want that level of attention. On the other hand, there are a ton of men out there who want to celebrate their coming unions by bringing together their close friends and sharing a couple of laughs or trading stories over an early lunch. If the idea of a “bro-dal shower” seems appealing, talk to your future groomsmen and see if they would be interested in arranging the event for you. 

A Different Bachelor Party

As mentioned, the bachelor party is generally where most men are able to let out some steam before their weddings. If you are not interested in throwing any kind of preliminary events, then you will want to focus your attention solely on the bachelor party. Instead of opting for a traditional night of drinking and watching dancers, there are a handful of other practical ideas to consider. Attending a sporting event can be perfect for guys who want to get together and celebrate while cheering on their favorite teams. 

Not all guys are into sports. For the many men out there who have no interest in hitting up a sporting event, there are plenty of equally exciting options out there. If you and your buddies spent a lot of time playing video games when you were young, then you can easily work this activity into your night of revelry. Arcade bars have become quite a popular trend in cities across the world. Find one near you and be sure to bring plenty of quarters for the games and dollars for the bartender. 

Doing It Your Way

Just because many weddings tend to center on the bride does not mean that you cannot have a wonderful experience leading up to your union. There are many interesting activities that you can explore to help build that anticipation before the big day. Think over whether or not you’d benefit from a “bro-dal shower” or similar event and get started on planning a wedding that will make you feel excited for the future.

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