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Colorful Wedding NecktieWhen it comes to wedding attire, a bridal gown, if applicable, often draws the most energy and effort. For the sartorial-minded spouse-to-be, deciding on a suit is a big step for prepping for the big day; however, that’s not all there is to consider. Your neckwear or lack thereof will significantly impact your look as well as that of the suited-and-booted in the wedding party. From the ultra-formal to a casual approach, here are the options worth considering.

Brilliant Bow Ties

If your suit of choice is a tuxedo and the attire is extremely formal, then a black or white bow tie is usually the move. You don’t need a trained eye to discern a self-tied bow tie from clip-on or pre-tied options, so it’s important that you learn how to tie one if you don’t already know. Although arranging a bow tie is very similar to tying shoelaces, there are tutorials and instructional videos online for your use. Remember that you can also make a best man or other groomsmen responsible for bow ties, should you choose. If you’re interested in a more casual look, bow ties in different colors, patterns and band shapes fit the bill quite handsomely.

Nifty Neckties

Although strictly speaking, neckties aren’t quite as formal as bow ties, they offer the most versatility when it comes to the spectrum of semi-formal to casual looks. Black and white ties paired with black suits are the height of formality, but colors, patterns, fabrics and knots offer a wide range of achievable looks that are great for tying the “knot.” When it comes to this neckwear, you can’t go wrong with classic knots such as the Four-in-hand, Windsor and Half Windsor. Are you feeling a bit extra or need something extra snazzy? These adventurous knots may be more your speed. A metallic bar or clip also can complete the look while helping to keep your accessory in place.

Aspirational Ascots

An ascot tie or ascot offers a dressed-up daytime look that you should consider. This neckband is often patterned with wide, pointed wings. It folds over and is fastened with a pin or clip, offering the slightest bit of bling. Unbutton the first few buttons to rock an ascot. If you want something a little more Bohemian, the cravat is very similar. It is typically made from a thinner material like silk, which feels comfortable against the neck.

Bodacious Bolo Ties

For the Western or Southern-inclined suit wearer, bolo ties are a fun, somewhat quirky option, especially when complementing other key accessories such as cowboy hats and boots. This neckwear features a brooch-like clasp through which a piece of cord or braided leather slides through with two tips. The clasp can be fashioned out of nearly any material, including metals, wood and stone, which can dress your look up or down.

Natural Necks

Fabric or accessories on your neck can contribute to stuffiness or feeling too warm, especially during the hotter months. There’s no rule that says you or other suit wearers have to wear ties for a wedding. Although a tie-free look tends to skew casual, you can use other accessories to add some flair. Think a lapel pin or boutonniere to pull double duty when no neckwear is present. A pocket square can be worn with or without a tie for classic style, but its pattern should complement, not match, your tie. Furthermore, a vest can also add some detail or visual contrast to the front of your outfit in lieu of neckwear.

As with anything related to your wedding day, the choices are up to you. When you’re rocking a suit, you have several stylish options when it comes to your neckwear. From traditional, formal looks to more casual if not quirky treatments, you can come up with a style that’s representative of you on your special day.

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