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Couple Having Fun While MovingWhat are your feelings about moving to a new home? Sure, it can be exciting to discover new people and places. Yet not many people love the process: the packing, the sorting, and the cleaning. Add in a romantic partner and extra stuff, and it can seem downright overwhelming. However, you can survive moving residences and tying the knot if you keep some wise advice in mind.  

Before or After the Wedding?

As a couple, one of your first decisions may be whether to move before or after the wedding. Either way, you could have to contend with challenges such as finding a new home, signing a lease or financing a purchase, and changing residences before the ceremony. You’ll benefit from extra time to settle in, the ability to declutter, and time spent together shopping for both new residences and furnishings.

On the other hand, you’ll have the extra stress and potential decision fatigue of moving and planning a wedding at the same time. Weers adds that you’ll pay for both types of expenses simultaneously. Brides writer Andrea Park reveals that the average cost of nuptials jumped to $44,105 in 2018. Moving Buddha also explains that moving costs can vary widely according to the time of year, the size of your residence, and the distance you’re traveling.

Don’t forget to factor in the hidden expenses mentioned by U.S. News & World Report writer Geoff Williams, including security deposits or down payments, utility fees, packing supplies, replacement furniture, home goods, cleaning supplies or services, and new bank accounts and memberships. All those items quickly add up. Your move may cost nearly as much as your wedding, if not more. Before you make your final decision, it’s wise to calculate the estimated costs involved.

Other Issues To Consider

The logistics of moving and planning a wedding can be overwhelming enough. You also must collaborate with your partner to establish a lifestyle that works best for both of you. SafeWise mentions a few key issues you must discuss with your mate before taking the plunge:

  • The equitable division of household maintenance tasks
  • A home safety setup, including fire extinguishers and smoke detectors
  • Ideal home security strategies
  • Your financial plan, including bill paying, savings, and household expenses
  • Each person’s preferred lifestyle and habits

Building a plan that addresses all these concerns is a major first step before you shop for a new residence or even begin planning the wedding in earnest.

Ugh! I Hate Moving!

If the thought of moving fills you with utter dread, you’re not alone. The effort and expenses can seem Herculean, especially if you’re trying to fit those into an already busy schedule or tight budget. lists some standard preparation tips, including packing early, clearly labeling your boxes, packing one room at a time, and carefully storing important documents and valuables. Man Repeller’s Leslie Price also empathizes with your plight, offering down-to-earth advice for getting through your next relocation:

  • Hire extra help. Budget for professional movers or seek assistance on platforms such as TaskRabbit or Thumbtack.
  • Get rid of excess items well before the move.
  • Don’t underestimate how much stuff you have.
  • Research and set up utility service far in advance.
  • Unpack as soon as possible after your move.

Planning and Diligence Pay Off

One common goal of engaged couples is to build home and life together. Besides relationship growth, there are more practical matters to consider. Moving and planning a wedding concurrently can be both hectic and expensive, so you must evaluate whether your bodies, minds, and wallets can handle the extra load. You’ll also need to establish routines and work together to make your new home and wedding celebration successful.

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