Very Small Outdoor WeddingYou and your sweetie want to make your wedding day special, but you’re encountering some obstacles. Perhaps you’re restricted by a tight budget or you’re not a fan of big crowds. You may worry that you won’t be able to spend time with all your guests. Maybe the details of planning a large celebration seem overwhelming. Micro weddings, a new trend that gained ground in 2017, could offer the ideal solution to your problems.

The Price of Getting Married

New York Times writer Anna Goldfarb discusses weddings' rising costs and shrinking guest lists. Goldfarb mentions that the average guest count in 2009 was 149 but dropped to 141 by 2016. Business Insider’s Sarah Jacobs reveals that the typical event price tag in 2017 was $33,391. This average is somewhat misleading, Jacobs adds, since wedding costs fluctuate by region. New Mexico couples shelled out around $17,500 while those in the Big Apple dropped nearly $77,000.

Money isn’t the only concern among engaged couples. Arranging a wedding takes time and effort, both of which can be hard to allocate. Hectic lifestyles often pack in many responsibilities into busy schedules. Goldfarb also mentions decision fatigue as a key factor. Fast Company writer Jane C. Hu describes it as mental exhaustion from constant decision-making. 

What Is a Micro Wedding?

Martha Stewart Wedding’s Cary Midland explains the micro wedding concept. A new alternative to eloping, micro weddings are scaled-down versions of traditional celebrations. In most cases, couples invite about a dozen of their closest family and friends. Some couples turn theirs into luxury affairs, with all the “big wedding” trimmings but very small guest lists. Others, like Anna Goldfarb, prefer to keep it simple. She and her spouse opted for a courthouse ceremony followed by a small reception at a local restaurant.

The Knot describes how some couples cut the fluff and hold small lavish ceremonies. Conversely, you might prefer a low-key event with only your closest associates. Either way, your micro wedding’s low guest count affords you some planning flexibility. Wedding Wire’s Christina Perry mentions a few important advantages:

  • Smaller budgets
  • Greater ability to splurge
  • More time to spend with guests
  • A wider range of venue and event options

Tips for Planning Your Event

Brides writer Jaimie Mackey stresses that you shouldn’t limit yourself when planning your event. Destination weddings are always ideal for small guest counts. Besides traditional locations, you can also pick unique spaces such as cafés, parks, theaters, or art galleries.

Even so, your micro wedding will require attention to organization and detail. Mackey also discusses a few useful tips for bringing your event to life. Your first step is choosing a venue. From its capacity, you’ll know your maximum guest count and be able to make your list. Next, you should focus on basics like food, drinks, and entertainment. Keep in mind that you have leeway when it comes to your apparel, so feel free to select formal, semi-formal, cocktail, or even smart casual attire. Don’t forget to hire a professional photographer and rely on other pros like your florist, bakery, and planner to make it happen.

Micro Weddings: The Wave of the Future?

Economics and hectic schedules are just a couple of reasons why micro weddings are trending. With customization and flexible options, it’s possible to create an event tailored to your mood, values, and aesthetics. The extra time you’ll have to spend with your guests is another attractive perk. When planning your own, remember to think outside the box and use your venue to guide your guest count. Count on the pros to help you stay organized and add the details that matter to you most. By following these steps, you can arrange a fabulous micro wedding of your own.  


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