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Bride and Groom Cutting a Small CakeWeddings look a bit different heading into 2021. Though the rise of COVID-19 prevented plenty of people from tying the knot during the thick of the previous year, the future looks a bit brighter. Widespread vaccinations and shifting restrictions are giving people hope that life might be able to return to some type of normalcy, or whatever normal might look like moving forward. Still, you might not want to wait any longer to get married and start the next chapter of your life. This is why a number of couples are opting for micro-weddings. 

What Is a Micro-Wedding?

As the name implies, the micro-wedding is a much smaller version of the traditional event. The idea is to bring together only the closest friends and family members in order to keep the gathering safe. Whether you’re tired of waiting for restrictions to lift, you’re looking to save money on your big day, or you have another rationale, there are countless reasons why this might be a good fit for you. Naturally, you need to approach planning this event in a slightly different way than you would a regular wedding.

Creating the Guest List

The first and most difficult task when you opt for a micro-wedding is the guest list. Already a difficult endeavor for couples with 200+ seats, finalizing a list for a smaller affair can be something of a nightmare. You don’t want to hurt feelings, but you also know that you need to draw a line somewhere. With a micro-wedding, you will need to make some painful decisions about who gets an invite. Assess how many people you can include early and start working on the list as soon as you can.

Finalizing a Venue

Many of the couples who are throwing micro-weddings are not traveling far for the event. In fact, many are keeping it very local. One of the most convenient locations you can consider for your event is your own backyard. If you’ve got the space for a small gathering, then this is definitely an option to think over. Not only does it make your travel to the venue a breeze, it provides a familiar and comfortable spot for guests to hang and mingle. As with any outdoor event, take weather into account and pick a backup rain date.

Balancing the DIY Ideas

Planning a small wedding at home might inspire you to tackle as many tasks as you can on your own. Though do-it-yourself projects have long been a popular way for couples to save money on their weddings, you need to remain realistic about your goals. No matter how intimate your event might be, there are still only so many hours in a day. If you’re making invitations, putting together floral arrangements, sewing backdrops for photos, and testing out dessert recipes, you might be burning the candle at both ends. 

Try to strike a balance between what you can do on your own and what you will definitely need help with. Whether you hire professionals or ask your friends for some help, being practical can definitely make a difference with your stress levels. 

Keeping Things Personal

A micro-wedding is a perfect opportunity to showcase your personality. From a curated playlist to set the tone to a signature cocktail you’ve long enjoyed making when hosting a party, there are many ways to make your mark. Entertainment can be a good area to focus on. Instead of relying solely on DJ, try to mix in some games and other small group activities to keep everyone engaged whenever possible. 

People have a way of getting creative when kept from what they want for too long. If you’re tired of waiting for the pandemic to end in order to get married, explore how alternatives like a micro-wedding may provide a perfect solution.

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