Sad Person Dealing With LossThe loss of a friend or relative tends to hit each person in a different way. Regardless of how the death has impacted you, it is crucial to take time to grieve. Mourning the passing of someone close to you can take many forms, but it is a very important part of being able to get through this difficult time. Though death is natural, many people struggle with accepting loss and do not know how to cope in a healthy and productive way. Take a moment to look over these suggestions on healthy ways to cope with the loss of someone you love.

Don’t Rush

When someone passes away, the preparations needed immediately following can make it seem like you’re in the middle of a whirlwind. There are funeral arrangements to make, relatives to contact, and countless smaller tasks to take care of. With so much to do, you may feel like you need to rush through each and every task. Though throwing yourself into work might help distract your mind from the situation at hand, it is not going to help you mourn. Rushing through the grieving process is an easy way to take on more stress and other emotional complications.

The absence created by the loss of a loved one cannot be filled or ignored. Take some time to stand in your grief and actually feel it. Though you may not enjoy crying, you absolutely need to allow yourself the tears whenever they emerge. Fighting the urge to cry can be very unhealthy. If you feel self-conscious about crying in front of others, then try to make time for yourself when you can sit alone and cry over the loss of a person you care about.


After someone passes away, all that truly remains is the memory of the individual and what he or she did while alive. Nothing is more powerful during the grieving process than the ability to think back and recall all of the experiences you shared with the person. Depending on your relationship with the departed and how long you knew one another, you may have years and years of memories to think back on. Take a walk through the deceased’s favorite places, and allow yourself to feel overcome by the experiences you were able to share.

For many, it is easy to think back on happy times and reminisce in a group. While you might feel like you want to be alone while grieving, being surrounded by other family members and friends is a vital way to keep yourself from disappearing too far into your own sorrow. Spend time with other loved ones who knew the departed, and swap tales about the experiences you had. This can put you in better spirits and help you celebrate the life that was lost rather than simply mourn and feel sad over the situation. 

There’s No Time Limit

Grief can be powerful, and it can also have a longer duration than most people realize. You may find yourself mourning for many months or even years. This is natural, and there is nothing wrong with taking as much time as you need to move forward with your life even if other people tell you that you need to move on faster. As time goes on, if you feel unable to cope, consider speaking with a therapist or joining a support group. Often, sharing your experiences with others in similar situations can help you express your emotions in a healthy way.

Loss can be difficult to deal with, but there are many ways to cope. Take your time and grieve in your own way to get through this period in a healthy manner.

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