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Groom and Bride Wedding MasksThe COVID-19 pandemic affects every aspect of our lives – including weddings. Couples all over the globe postponed their nuptials to keep their guests safe and healthy. Now, they’re getting married via livestream or downsizing and hosting smaller events. But smaller guest lists and safe distances apart aren’t the only precautions; they’re also wearing and encouraging guests to wear masks. As you plan your nuptials, a few smart tips can help you and your guests follow face mask requirements.

Why Masks Work

Earlier this year, we started hearing the message that masks can save lives. But how? The CDC breaks down why mask wearing is critical. Masks cut down on the number of virus-laden droplets emitted when someone coughs, sneezes, speaks, or breathes. Experts call this “source control,” a key part of reducing COVID-19’s spread. And even if you don’t feel sick, you still may carry the virus. Researchers have found that between 20% and 50% of people with COVID-19 are asymptomatic.

Choosing the Right Mask

Not all masks are created equal. For best results, you should choose one that offers the most protection. Multi-layer cloth masks are the most effective at blocking both fine droplets and larger particles. They screen out those that measure 10 microns or smaller. And how big is a micron? It’s one-millionth of a meter, no larger than the mitochondria in your cells or some forms of bacteria.

So, which ones should you buy? There’s a difference between cloth masks for the general public and the type that medical professionals use. You may have seen them wear thin blue surgical masks. Many also wear N95 respirators made from white or blue flexible polypropylene fiber. N95 masks are critical for healthcare workers and can be in short supply. With a multi-layer cloth mask, you’ll get a good level of protection.

Masks for the Couple

You and your spouse-to-be should mask up for your big day. Thankfully, you have loads of options for multi-layer cloth masks that are both protective and on-trend. Popular choices include basic black, lace, monograms, two-tone prints, tartan, and floral patterns. There are also lots of matching sets for spouses-to-be. The bottom line: You’re sure to find some that complement your wedding attire. Supplies and turnaround times vary by vendor, so order yours in plenty of time.

Supplying Your Crowd

Many of your guests will probably show up wearing masks, but you want to prepare for those who don’t. It’s a good idea to keep your wedding party and close family supplied as well. Rest assured, your crew and invitees don’t have to look like they just stepped off the set of “Grey’s Anatomy.” Wedding Wire has several mask suggestions for your honor attendants, parents, and guests. They’re also a top favor choice for 2020, personalized with the couple’s names and wedding date.

How To Wear Your Masks

Of courses, masks are only effective if you wear them properly. Johns Hopkins Medical Center offers a quick mask-wearing guide:

  • Make sure you wash your hands before and after touching your mask.
  • Touch only the mask’s ties or bands when handling it.
  • Your mask should cover your nose, mouth, and chin.
  • You should be able to comfortably breathe and talk through your mask.

Keeping Yourself and Loved Ones Healthy

Though many parts of the country are no longer under shelter-at-home orders, we’re far from out of the woods yet. Taking the right precautions is essential if you plan to say “I do” in 2021. Once you know why masks work, what type to use, and how to wear one, you can help your big day be both enjoyable and safe for everyone.

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