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Woman Dealing With GriefPeople have many ways to cope with loss. Though the mourning period will look different for everyone, there will come a day when you need to try and get back to living your life. What many people grieving the loss of a loved one experience when attempting this goal is a lack of focus. You may find your mind wanders more than it used to or that you spend all of your time lost in moods that don’t help you accomplish your daily goals. Though it will be challenging at first, there are ways to regain your focus. 

Restoring your concentration will require a concerted effort on your part. Consider this advice to see what will work best for you.

Be Easy on Yourself

Right away, the most important tip to keep in mind during this time is to not be hard on yourself. People who are accustomed to always being focused and motivated may beat themselves up over the fact that they’re now struggling with what once came naturally. Unfortunately, holding yourself to standards of the past while grieving is an easy way to make a bad situation much worse. Remind yourself that you have every right to be upset and that it will take work to get back to the height of your abilities. 

Work Through the Issues

While the death of someone you care about may be the catalyst for your unfocused state of mind, it may not be the core reason the sensation persists. Some people may find themselves thinking about their own morality or start feeling alarm over losing others they are close to. Other individuals will not be thinking about anything specifically; instead they may find themselves lost in a brain fog that doesn’t seem to clear. Before you can discover your focus again, you need to work through the issues and look for the main cause of your current problem.

One way experts suggest getting to the heart of an issue is by writing your thoughts down. Journaling can help you express exactly what is going on in your mind or at least start to make connections with how you're feeling and the thoughts swirling about. If writing doesn’t work for you, consider recording yourself talking. Even if you never go back to the sound files or journal entries, getting these ideas out of your head in some capacity can prove incredibly cathartic. 

Commit to a Daily Routine

Death has a way of disrupting a person’s routine. As you try to regain your sense of concentration, it can be useful to put effort into establishing daily habits. Even if your appetite hasn’t fully returned, you should wake at the same time each day and sit down in an attempt to eat breakfast. These patterns might seem empty or forced at first, but going through the motions will help on a subconscious level. Before you know it, you’ll be in a routine that helps you feel a sense of normalcy.

Take Breaks and Feel Your Emotions

While attempting to regain your focus, you may find the experience overwhelming. Don’t ignore this impulse or shy away from your emotions. Even though the worst might have passed, mourning can put a lot of stress on you. When emotions bubble to the surface, don’t push through and ignore them in an attempt to return to normal. Take breaks from your journey to establish your focus whenever possible and allow yourself to feel the emotional weight of the moment. 

Though loss can take a different toll on everyone, there are some common obstacles most must face. When the time comes to get back into your daily routine and focus becomes impossible, dedicate time and energy to creating a plan that helps you find your concentration in a way that is healthiest for you.

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