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Man on knee proposing to future wifeWhen you and your partner have decided to get engaged, it can be a very big moment in your life. It can be such a huge deal, in fact, that you want to run right out and tell all of your closest friends and family members. You might even be one of those people who can’t stop talking about the fact that you got engaged. While this might feel like the right impulse, it can be a wise idea to keep yourself in check. There are plenty of moments when bringing up your engagement is the wrong move.

By knowing when to gush and when to keep a tight lid on your excitement, you are going to have a much easier time avoiding awkward situations. Explore some of these scenarios and get a feel for the best way to move through the coming months.

Bad News

Going through a wonderful experience in your life can put you in a bubble. While inside, you might not be too aware of what else is happening around you. Everything will be glimmering through rose-tinted glasses for a bit. Due to this, you want to make sure that you are really listening to what people in your life are telling you. If a good friend has lost a loved one, you do not want to respond to this news by mentioning the fact you got engaged. Focusing on your friend first is the best move to make.

Some situations will be worse than others, so you are going to need to read the moment before deciding what to say. For example, if a friend only had a crummy day you might be able to brighten his or her day by mentioning your engagement. When something bigger has happened, like a death or serious life situation, it is going to be more practical to set aside the news of your engagement and save it for a more appropriate moment. You want your friend to celebrate with you, so be sure to give necessary time.

Stealing Thunder

Announcing your engagement can also be a bad idea when it is coming at a time where other people are celebrating. Getting engaged is supposed to be a joyful occasion but it should not be deterring from anyone else’s good time. This means you should not be going on about your own engagement when you are at a wedding, birthday party, funeral, or any event where it would look like you were trying to steal focus. Sure, everyone you know might be gathered together in one place but you really do not want to be “that” person.

If you really want to get the news out there, consider throwing a small party in the near future. Plan it around any major events or parties that are coming up, allowing you to find time just for you and your partner. By gathering the people you love in one place for the express purpose of announcing your engagement, you will not have to worry about stepping on anyone’s toes or stealing thunder. Plus, you will have a reason to celebrate your engagement and gush about it for as long as you want.

All In the Timing

After getting engaged, you most likely are going to want to announce the news to every single person you know. To get through this time in a tactful way, be sure to pay attention to the people around you and what they are dealing with. Hold off on your good news when other people are dealing with serious problems and be sure not to steal focus at other events. Paying attention to these points can allow you room to announce your exciting news in the most productive way possible.

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